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Microsoft is mitigating risk by making sure that they have high visibility when it comes to twitter

ExecTweets , the co-venture with Federated Media who is a blog syndicator, fits the go big and simple VC model.  This is a little like hitting the ‘Easy’ button and then getting on with business.  If this seems too simple, well…




Visual Brand Dashboard

UNIQLO Neuropersona Brand Story Lens by you.

This is a Visual Brand Dashboard created from this Neuropersona Best Practices effort.

The dashboard can be used to understand the impact of changes anywhere in the map.  For example if there are changes to any of the Neuropersona behaviours then there are potential future impacts to the value of the brand, product and website navigation.  A visual dashboard can be complemented with a numeric dashboard or other tools and techniques some of which are shown here.

While this Visual Brand Dashboard is very useful it sequentially highlights one single time perspective–past, present or the future.  Deeper insight to future opportunities is provided by scenario analysis linked to Neuropersona.



Toxic Brand Churn

Brand churn or customers moving to other brands is toxic, but what is the cure?

Look at customer from a Persona perspective to understand how your brand serves their Story Lens –Stories, Processes, Software and Measures.  For large databases employ tools like SPSS or Microsoft and then apply the Persona perspective to understand who to contact and which story along the Story Lens will be most useful in conveying the new value of your brand.

Does this require any changes to your brand? 

Possibly not as many customers are not aware of best practices which highlight the INNOVATION of other customers.  If you must change then introduce the new value as a new product introduction, everyone likes a surprise and new causes a moment to pause.

Toxic brand churn occurs when we don’t listen to our customers and we are not in alignment with their needs.



Real Brand Wars?

The safest way to fight a Brand War is to play and the interesting thing about this site is that Pepsi is a sponsor.

The animosity between Pepsi and Coke is legend and in some ways symbiotic.  Neither would get so much attention individually though both get considerable attention by their Brand Wars.

SFU’s Student Marketing Association will host western Canada’s largest undergraduate marketing competition on March 8 at SFU’s Surrey campus. University and college teams from B.C. will solve a real business case presented by sponsor Pepsi Bottling Group. Judges include academic experts, industry professionals and Pepsi representatives. Final presentations are open to the public at 4 pm. 
For real tools to compete in a Brand War have a look here.

winning a brand war

To win a brand war you have to have a brand with a focused value.

We assume you can either build your brand or spend a ton of money with consultants like Laura Ries who says;

Our Immutable Law of Expansion states that the power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope. When you expand a brand, you weaken a brand.

How do win a brand war?

  • Use a Story Lens to show the value of your brand and competing brand from a customer Persona perspective.
  • See how customers percieve value across the brand value continuum or Story Lens .
  • Focus on the Story Lens important to your customer Persona.
  • Promote you unique Story Lens  value to your prospective customers.

Remember, education kills.  It is easier to ‘switch’ an educated consumer with better value than educate a new one.



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