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Twitter Resonance Trumps SEO and Web pages #IN Email

At one time Email advertising was slowly dying and it appeared that SEO could do no wrong as companies moved advertising dollars to the search engine business model that delivered their message to people quickly and cost effectively but as the years passed by a new opportunity called Social Media platforms was presented to advertisers who leaped on board to get better and cooler results for less money.

I received this landing page via Email even though Samsung knows I have a wireless Samsung colour printer and three Samsung Gravity2 mobile telephones.

Email and Landing Pages ignore Customer Resonance

In 2010, barely two years after Social Media software had eroded SEO’s dominance, a few strange things happened–cupons became popular with the meteoric rise of GROUPON and marketers started emailing, yes emailing website landing pages–the same landing pages that SEO gurus had promised would deliver unique SEO value, or ‘squeeze’ pages that would squeeze the money of all people that landed upon them after entering a search term.

Landing Pages and SEO Value Deflation

It is odd that delivery of landing pages in email has become popular though not surprising as email is focused and often people that subscribe to email updates indicate their interests and the processes which resonate in their professional or personal lives.  This information is impossible to easily acquire with SEO without a focused effort at aligning SEO content to what people value..

SEO Value and Resonance

The value of SEO, unsurprisingly, is biased towards the search engine companies that offer the service, much like the casinos in Las Vegas–customers pay and pray.  Email however is focused as recipients declare their value and hopefully, but not always, the email content resonates with their desires.  Regrettably however this is typically not the case as list owners ‘dump’ all their offers to everyone on the list despite the fact that they usually have some indication of need.

Resonance and Content Analysis

The concept of resonance is usually connected with sound though it is a relationship between sound and a RESONATOR that is a container.  As sound enters the container’s space its natural resonance, the frequency at which it vibrates at a sub-atomic level, is influenced by the sound.

When sound vibrates at the same frequency of the container it resonates with it to augment its natural frequency whereas sound of a different frequency modifies or dampens the container’s natural frequency.  The same happens to content as it travels in and between Social Media platforms or the Internet.

Content resonance creates significant value with two quite distinct uses;

  • Navigation — content helps people find things and is expendable afterwards
  • Learning — content helps people learn and becomes less valuable afterwards

Content Analysis and Internet Marketing

Performing content analysis helps you align the resonance of people and content to take people to the right content or deliver the right content to the right people.  Internet marketers benefit by getting the resonance right as it is a relevence issue and people get annoyed or even angry if they are offered content or products that is not relevent to their current situation.  Resonance analysis helps align SEO and email marketing messages to the right spaces.

Internet Marketing and SEO Landing Pages

Internet marketers have a daunting task as they must deliver the products that they have to the right people and use media where they have little or no control such as SEO or email.  Combining SEO landing pages with email is a good idea IF the message included in the email RESONATES with the person whos receives it and the embedded LANDING PAGE provides options that align with the processes and behaviours important to that person.

Twitter Resonance Trumps both SEO and Email

It almost appears that marketers have created SEO landing pages and sent them via email in order to get the most money for their investment but the combination may not work as an SEO landing page or as email content because of the lack of thought to customer need or content RESONANCE.

Is this speculation?  Maybe, but watch the advertising spend on Twitter compared to SEO and Email.

Contact us to see how SpeedSynch Resoance maps align people to your products before you pay and pray for SEO or email programs.


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Content Resonance Rules #IN Legal E-Discovery 2.0

The legal profession is wrestling with data and information overload to meet legal E-Discovery obligations and client expectations and may be able to benefit from significant advances provided by Social Media platforms and Content Resonance.  

Do your clients need cost effective discovery or do they want you to run an E-Discovery Factory?

E-Discovery and Out of Control Costs

“Electronic discovery (or e-discovery, eDiscovery) refers to discovery in civil litigation which deals with the exchange of inform ati on in electronic format (often referred to as Electronically Stored Information or ESI).[1] Usually (but not always) a d i g i tal forensics analysis is performed to recover evidence. A wider array of people are involved in eDiscovery (for example, forensic investigators, lawyers and IT managers) leading to problems with confusing terminology.[1] from Wikipedia

Simply put discovery related to civil litigation is very costly and in our experience the costs may be decreased significantly by shifting the discovery approach away from what I described as a 50 year old factory at a recent IADC event.  The tendency for E-Discovery vendors to approach discovery with a data warehouse and Business Intelligence concept is even more troubling, though it provides even more opportunity to innovators who will come from other professions to boost E-Discovery value and cut costs.

Factories are built to create a product that has been designed precisely and the objective of the factory is efficiency and maximizing the ROI or return on investment in the factory by selling the products manufactured. 

The product is secondary to factory investors.

Vendors Shift focus from Discovery to Software Factory

E-Discovery software vendors offer compelling arguments and documents to justify ROI or return on investment to law firms or corporations so that they feel good about buying a factory that is not designed to create a specific product. 

Indeed the specific design of E-Discovery ‘factories’ offered by traditional database vendors or E-Discovery application providers use software to facilitate or accelerate manual processes add costs to the discovery process but must be executed for the factory to function.

Now we look at how Social Media platforms deal with content to explore opportunities for law firms or corporations around E-Discovery innovation.

Social Media and Content Resonance

The concept of resonance is usually connected with sound though it is a relationship between sound and a RESONATOR that is a container.  As sound enters the container’s space its natural resonance, the frequency at which it vibrates at a sub-atomic level, is influenced by the sound.

When sound vibrates at the same frequency of the container it resonates with it to augment its natural frequency whereas sound of a different frequency modifies or dampens the container’s natural frequency.  The same happens to content as it travels in and between Social Media platforms or the Internet.

Content resonance creates significant value with two quite distinct uses;

  • Navigation — content helps people find things and is expendable afterwards
  • Learning — content helps people learn and becomes less valuable afterwards

Content Resonance and E-Discovery 2.0

To illustrate the use of content resonance to quickly improve the speed and quality of discovering relevant documents we chose a clear and simple article from SLAW to;

  1. Create a SpeedSynch Resonance Map
  2. Direct Yahoo to find documents of similar ‘resonance’

SpeedSynch Resonance Map for E-Discovery 2.0 Search

Looking for content on the internet to match a particular document pattern is like looking for documents in an E-Discovery process, so many documents and so little time and creating a resonance map or pattern of a target document helps us find documents that traditional searches cannot uncover. 

Note that resonance maps complement tradtional search by finding content that cannot be described precisely but rather by the phrase ‘show me something like this’ or with the use of semantic algorithms where ‘any words used in similar spaces share meaning’.

SpeedSynch Resonance Legal E-Discovery and SpeedSynch Resonance Maps


We then create a resonance based query which Yahoo processed to return the results below after searching its internet index where the top 50 documents closest to the Slaw article E-Discovery\SLAW E-Discovery and Data Dumps.pdf were selected and finally the 8 results below or the cream of the crop were summarized and delivered.

24   Frost Brown Todd – Publications – Court Finds Waiver of Attorney-Client Privilege & Work Product, Notwithstanding 2006 Amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

 Court Finds Waiver of… Attorney-Client Privilege & Work Product,… amended rules, the defendants waived privilege… had begun with production of paper documents… and undertook to review ESI materials for… searches for 70 keywords, plus a review…


23   Trial Court Violated Attorney-Client Privilege by Ordering In Camera Review :Electronic Discovery Law

Wholesale Corp. Superior Court, S163335 (Cal. Electronic Discovery Law Firm : K&L Gates : Electronic Discovery Court Violated Attorney-Client Privilege by Ordering In


23   Document Review « Bow Tie Law’s Blog

Knotty Issues of e-Discovery D4 LLC: SmarterDiscovery The Producing Party claimed they had… rolling agreement to review and produce discovery… followed-up with a motion to compel the original… The Defendants hired a 30 person…


21   Finding Waiver of Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product Protection, Court Orders Production of Attorney Notes of Employee Interviews Concerning Intel’s Compliance with Evidence Preservation Obligations : Electronic Discovery Law

In re Intel Corp. decision, the district court adopted the Special K&L Gates LLP Protection, Court Orders Production of Attorney Notes… with Evidence Preservation Obligations marketing group employees with instructions…


 14   Data Dumps: The Bane of E-Discovery — Slaw

Slaw is a cooperative Canadian Canadian Forum on Civil Justice Is Moving to York… Nelson and John W. been in private practice ever since. Data Dumps: The Bane of E-Discovery


 12   : Attorney-Client Privilege : North Carolina Business Litigation Report

North Carolina Business Litigation Report : North Carolina Business Litigation Lawyer… About This Blog Home > Attorney-Client Privilege > onclaimed grounds of privilege. North Carolina”s District Courts… http://www.ncbusinesslitigationreport.com/tags/attorneyclient-privilege/

 11   E-Discovery Bytes : E-Discovery Lawyer & Attorney : Quarles & Brady Law Firm : Electronic Discovery, Data Preservation, Conversion, Computer Forensics

Common themes
COURT, COURT ELECTRONIC DISCOVERY, E-DISCOVERY, PRODUCTIONE-Discovery Bytes : E-Discovery… Brady Law Firm : Electronic Discovery, Data Preservation,… Archives Ninth Circuit”s Court of Appeals retreated… Tags: BALCO, Case Law,… Trackbacks //ediscovery.quarles.com/

 11   Law Practice Today | The Attorney-Client Privilege and the Amended Federal Discovery Rules

Common themes
ATTORNEY, ATTORNEY-CLIENT, ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE, COURT, LAW PRACTICEmanagement,federal rules, attorney-client, privilege, federal discovery rules, discovery,… and privilege waiver. http://www.abanet.org/lpm/lpt/articles/mgt12062.shtml

Resonance and Hidden E-Discovery Value

The results above clearly provide multiple perspectives of E-Discovery inferred in the SLAW E-Discovery article which would have never been found with traditional searching techniques.

Application of Resonance Pre and Post E-Discovery

We have applied the concept of resonance for over five years to deliver value to corporations and our learnings may be applied to E-Discovery quickly because of the common processes and approaches that are promoted by E-Discovery vendors and appear to be employed within E-Discovery projects, the notion of the factory, 50 years ago.

Call us to see how Resonance and Social Media platform innovation in content navigation may help you.


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch

GROUPON wins the Lottery with a simple story–deliver more coupons with more sales people.

GROUPON, despite what the Silicon Valley crowd profess, succeeded quickly enough to be courted by the top global ‘internet’ corporations because of a simple story–GROUPON delivers more coupons with more sales people than digital pretenders like Foursquare.

CRM and GROUPON Success

Salesforce.com has a short reference to GROUPON as a customers and how their hosted CRM application allow quick global expansion and make no mistake, CRM is about tracking customers and organising efforts to increase sales.  Used in its pure form CRM is simply a list of potential customers that allows sales representatives to chose from a list of products and the selling begins.  Focused companies keep CRM simple and GROUPON’s astounding revenue growth shows that their use of CRM was not about fancy reports and marketing justification or project management but rather simply making calls and sales.

GROUPON vs Facebook

Facebook founders and VC’s have a fantastic dis-advantage compared with GROUPON, the experience to understand that it takes real live sales people to knock on doors and pick up phones to actually meet and talk to people.  In the ‘internet age’ this simple focus fueled growth in sales, where it counts, much faster than Facebook or Twitter.  Until salespeople talk to the business that ‘print’ the cupons, GROUPON is only an idea.

What About You?

Well if your company doesn’t have the luck, funding, connections or drive of the GROUPON founders and insdiers driven to succeed, there is still hope if you keep it simple and focused on your customers.

  • Talk to people, face to face is best but telephone is pretty good too.
  • Show your customers how your product makes them money.
  • Deliver a product in a simple way.

GROUPON and Social Media

GROUPON is all over Facebook and Twitter which helps people find them and get to the cupons that they deliver, though only looking at the delivery hides the simple fact that we stress again and again, it is the sales people that connected with the businesses that needed to get their products out to future customers and until the businesses started to sponsor the printing of GROUPON cupons nothing would happen.

Social Media and Internet Marketing

Social Media is about people and supporting interactions and transactions if the proper products or value elements are present.

Internet Marketing Software and SpeedSynch Content Resonance

Join us to see how we use Social Media content Resonance to align people to products and help people navigate to the products and companies that answer their questions or deliver the products that they need.


Nick @SpeedSynch

SEO and Twitter Resonance Social Media Radar

Twitter Resonance Rules SEO

Twitter, one of the fasted growing global Social Media platforms uses the concept of Resonance to deliver unique value to their community members and a significant competitive and cost advantage to their corporate customers.

SEO and Resonance 

Resonance and Search Engine Optimization can be combined to boost the results of marketing and advertsing budgets and help your customers quickly find your products or answers to questions in your web sites by blending their core value elements to amplify the value that you get from SEO or Resonance individually.

SEO Value

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is based on the simple concept of keyword matching.  People type keywords into a search engine box and the search engine responds by delivering links or lacations of web site content accordingly.  Search engines are paid by people for taking them to the top of the queue of the results they offer of by placing ads that are visible to searchers. 

Using Search engines helps advertisers to focus their content according to searcher keyword preferences.

Resonance Value

People, content and products each have a natural resonance that changes over time and the simple challenge to marketers is to match the need or resonance of people to the value or resonance of products they sell in order to create the environment for a successful exchange of value or ‘sale’.  We use SpeedSynch tools and internet marketing software to measure and map Resonance to illustrate relationships of people, products and content used to help people find answers to questions or learn faster.

This SpeedSynch Resonance Map measures Resonance of a Sales Training web site where ‘listening’ is stressed and shows what you or a search engine spider might see when you ‘walk the site’

Predictive Marketing

There is significant value to accurately predicting opportunities or risk that we may face tomorrow and hopefully our approach to prediction goes beyond a guess based on what happened yesterday.

Resonance offers proven and simple rules to improve predictions by adjust customer offers so that they align or Resonate to your content or products based on their ‘top of mind’ interests.

Resonance and Social Radar

The military have an interesting notion of predictive forecasting based on radar which helps put the notion of predictive marketing and resonance in perspective–

“…For example, radar or sonar enable some degree of forecasting by tracking spatial and temporal patterns (e.g. they track and display how military objects or weather phenomena move in what clusters, in which direction(s) and at what speed.)  A user can thus project where and when objects will be in the future. Similarly, a social radar should enable us to forecast who will cluster with whom in a network, where, and when in what kinds of relationships….”   Exerpt from http://www.mitre.org/work/tech_papers/2010/10_0745/10_0745.pdf

Join us to explore how SpeedSynch Resonance Maps focus your advertising spend and speed up your ability to adjust to chaning customer needs and help you customers learn how to get the most from your products faster.


Nick Trendov www.SpeedSynch.com @SpeedSynch

Voyeurs #IN Social Media and the Myth of Social Media Listening

Social Media and Voyeurs

I once knew someone who said, “I wish I could see what was going on in all those houses and behind all those closed doors” and it seems that is what the software vendors that offer ‘Social Media Analytics or Insights’ wish for you too.

But will this ‘insight’ or being a voyeur really help you succeed?

Voyeurs and Value

Marketers and mathematicians tend to say yes as they believe that behaviours repeat and base their expenditures on sophisticated models and software applications on that premise, but lets look a little more closely at thie notion of basing future forecasts on backward facing analysis, titilating though it may be.

Knowing what is going on may be entertaining but will it help you understand what will happen tomorrow?

Value of Predictive Analytics

There is considerable value in being able to predict what may face tomorrow whether it is an opportunity or risk and there are many proven ways to get much closer to that goal than basing your prediction on what happened yesterday.

Here are 2 simple rules to improve the value of your Predictive Analytics by working with customers.

  • Adjust customer offer to Resonate or align your content or products based on their declaration of future interest
  • Incent or dis-incent customer behaviours according to their impact of future on profit, risk or infrastructure capacity

Predictive Resonance and Listening Rules


Predictive Analytics is a worthy goal and we have improved our results by using the concept of Resonance so as to enhance the insights based on what people say with our Resonance Maps of the relationships of People, Products and Content.

People, content and products each have a natural resonance that changes over time and the the responsibility of marketers is to match the need or resonance of people to the value or resonance of products they sell in order to create the environment for a successful exchange of value or ‘sale’.

We use our SpeedSynch tools to measure and map Resonance by looking at;

  • stories that describe the behaviours of people
  • stories that form content that helps people find and learn about products
  • stories that describe products and the value they deliver

The SpeedSynch Resonance Map below is based on the stories and value proposition found on a Sales Training web site where the concept of ‘listening’ is valued highly.  The Resonance Map provides a shortcut to what you would see if you ‘walked the site’ or navigation aid and what a search engine spider might infer from traversing the site.

You will note that not much ‘listening’ occurs as you or a search engine spider traverses the site and that ‘learning’ the value offered by the service provider is very awkward.  Indeed the two highest value elements of any web site, blog, Twitter or other Social Media platform interactions are;

  • Navigation or Wayfinding Value–how do people find the content or products that answer their questions
  • Fast Learning–can people learn about the value of the content or how to extract the value by using the products

Listening focuses on conversations and ignores values delivered by Wayfinding, Learning and the unique value created by understanding the relationships of People, Content and Products.

Join us to explore how Resonance Maps can boost the effectiveness of your Predictive Analytics and Listening efforts.


Nick Trendov www.SpeedSynch.com @SpeedSynch

#SpeedSynch and #Transmedia Resonance Rules #IN Advertising and Internet Marketing

Advertising and Internet Marketing

Marketers have embraced the World Wide Web to create unique marketing value or cut advertising costs of old Media business models and recently have been surprised to discover that Internet Marketing processes offer opportunities to significantly reduce business risk.

Internet Marketing and Risk Reduction 

Real-time Internet interactions on web sites, blogs or Social Media platforms provide insights to changing customer needs and the ability to adjust products accordingly thereby reducing business risk.

Risk Reduction and Extended Supply Chains

Reducing business risk as products flow along their Supply Chain provides a positive impact on future product values, sales or profits by exploiting insights of changes in;

  • Customer Demand
  • Customer Behaviours
  • Competitor Product features
  • Customer Content preferences
  • Customer Media preferences

These and other changes may be mapped by employing the concept of Resonance to determine their impact on product values as products travel across their Supply Chains.

Extended Supply Chains and TransMedia

Web2.0 technologies have enabled innovation and distress in Media markets, the implosion of News related business models, the spectacular rise of Social Media platforms and more recently the subtle use of TransMedia, where stories are delivered in segments across multiple media channels or extended supply chains or different places, spaces and times. 

TransMedia techniques offer innovative alternatives to traditional advertising and faster more flexible options to creative marketers to differentiate their customers and their competitors.

The other significant innovation in Internet Marketing is the concept of ‘Resonance’ used to convey how closely two things ‘vibrate’ or their affinity to each other. Resonance has also recently been embraced by Twitter as the core of its Advertising revenue model. 

SpeedSynch Resonance and Content

SpeedSynch Resonance Maps identify and map relationships between people, products and content to guide the delivery of stories across Media and TransMedia channels and platforms to align the resonance of products and content to the people they serve.

Inspired by Twitter’s innovation, SpeedSynch employs semantic algorithms to build SpeedSynch Resonance Maps to measure two other unique content values –

  • Wayfinding or Navigation—help people find content or products
  • Accelerated Learning—help people learn how to extract content or product values

A SpeedSynch Resonance Map of the SpeedSynch Twitter stream:

* Please click once or twice to enlarge or alternatively work with the enlarge option on your browser…

Semantic SEO Report of SpeedSynch Twitter Feed 2010.08.08
SpeedSynch Resonance Map of SpeedSynch.com Twitter Stream

Content and Profit Alignment Rules

People create content in the form of conversations and stories to ask questions or look for answers that reflect their changing needs or behaviours and content is used by corporations to express the value of their products to their customers. 

Alignment Rules Content

  • Twitter content changes quickly
  • Blog content changes are slower
  • Content changes within corporate web sites are even slower

Content ‘resonance’ helps you understand when your brand or product stories are aligned with your customers or how your customer needs have changed as your products are travelling along their Supply Chain.  Surprises when products arrive are not fun!

SpeedSynch uses content Resonance maps to align multiple customer behaviours to content and products that fit what they need.

Content and Resonance

Twitter Resonance is a critical element in communication today because it offers fast, simple and mobile real-time ability for people to exchange conversations, opinions and information.  Many Tweets or posts in a Twitter streams include external links to content or ‘backlinks’ to other content on web sites or social media sites.

Over the past five years we have developed SpeedSynch Resonance Maps to help marketers identify and map what is ‘top of mind’ to anticipate and adapt to changes in customer needs and behaviours to reduce business risk or increase revenue and profit opportunities.

Join us to see how Internet Marketing reduces your business and Supply Chain risk.


Nick @SpeedSynch

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