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Change #in Social Media networks & marketing technology is faster than non-profits & NGOs can adapt

Change #in Social Media networks & marketing technology is faster than non-profits & NGOs can adapt


GROUPS-GROUPS are about cool tools for temporary self-forming GROUPS for as .

We believe that Advertisers and Lawyers should FEAR groups and this is the Group version when you want to dive into the wave.

Join us to learn how to create your own temporary GROUPS-GROUPS group.


Nick Trendov

Will #grammy’s #ArcadeFire #in spire @eDiscovery_ teams?

Will #grammys tall hair and Surreal #ArcadeFire inspire Cirque du Soleil’s next show or cause @eDiscovery_ lawyers to swoon in anticipation?

Crafting 140 character Tweets in context is difficult, especially if your goal is to combine humour and learning–What do you think of the Tweet above?


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch @ResonantView

Exploit Predictive Analytics or Scenario Analysis #IN E-Discovery Projects

Scenario Analysis and Predictive Analytics offer a low risk, high value means to help eDiscovery project teams deliver less expensive high value results faster compared to usual eDiscovery methods.

Whether your eDiscovery teams employ Predictive Analytics or not, Scenario Analysis will help prioritize the sequence of eDiscovery processes and focus limited resources. Indeed if done properly faster, richer E-Discovery results may allow counsel to shape the legal action or negotiate from a position of knowledge before the eDiscovery teams commence their project.

Scenario Analysis for eDiscovery

Scenario analysis is very straight forward and may be done very quickly in most eDiscovery projects if practitioners are guided by the core concepts of scenarios.

  1. A scenario is a cluster of stories or content related to the legal action that requires E-Discovery.
  2. Case files may be created before an action is resolved or even before eDiscovery commences.
  3. Counsel can generally describe two or three high probability outcomes as an action commences.

Go to our @eDiscovery_ Value Brief for a view of combining Predictive Analytics and Scenario Analysis.

Join us to see how to it is possible to use Scenario Analysis and ‘proxy content’ to accelerate your E-Discovery results.


Nick Trendov @eDiscovery_ @SpeedSynch @ResonantView

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