Product Launch Readiness, Talent Couture and the Next New Business Model

Successfully launching new products or the next innovative business model requires finding and aligning great talent–inside and outside of your company, and finding, mining and refining great talent starts with articulating expected business outcomes, measures or metrics in order to identify the right people with the right talent to get the job done.

Starting from the Outcome

Focusing on the end result or starting from the answer helps people in your company focus on the questions they must address and offers a simple way to adjust if the desired outcomes are changed by customers or managers.

Product Launch Readiness

Taking a new product to market is complex in the best of times and even more interesting in difficult times where new products reflect new business models, new partner relationships or a positive way to recover from the poor expectations of older products pounded by competitors in a brutal market space.

New product launches require preparation and often fail because products are launched before they are ready or not launched as they exceed their budgets or fail to meet the value expectations of the business or their customers.

Right Talent and Measures Reduce Product Launch Risk

Product launches are challenging and an effective way to reduct the risk in the go-to-market process is to create product launch measures that indicate when a project is ahead or behind schedule according to the perspective of the people or talent in the project–we call this a readiness review. 

Readiness Review is a simple concept where the work done in a project is assessed from the perspective of whether the work done can be used to successfully complete the next phase of the new product launch.

Most projects have work units where project teams review or measure the work done and then continue or pass their work to other groups to proceed with the product launch, and this is where product readiness measures add high value by determining if the work done meets the needs of the next project phase or the group that relies on it to successfully complete the next project element.

Reducing product risk launches requires aligning the right people with the right talent  and offering project measures and readiness reviews that guide and support the product launch team to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Talent Couture

We have used the idea of Talent Couture to find the right people with the right talent to execute a successful new product launch project even as customer needs, business model expectations change on a daily basis, and this is done by ‘dressing’ resumes or CVs for success by allowing people to articulate how their talent applies to the new product launch and by designing ‘fashionably and culturally rich’ descriptions of the talent required to successfully take the new product to market.

Aligning ‘fashionably and culturally’ rich project requirements to ‘dressed for success’ talent is done quickly with SpeedSynch Resonance Maps where project teams, hiring managers and human resources staff can simultaneously shap the requirements that are used to mine, find and align great talent to challenging projects.

Contact us about our Workopolis success story and why LinkedIn didn’t quite deliver the goods in an important healthcare elearning project that was expected to impact highly on stakeholders and business value.

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