EU Content Distribution Rules highlight value in fast Product, Content & Customer Alignment

The EU court just ruled that territorial distribution of soccer television broadcasting is invalid which throws old established business models out the window and provides fast companies with an amazing opportunity to step into a huge ‘business model gap’.

High-SpeedSynch View of the EU Ruling


The SpeedSynch Resonance map above illustrates the core concepts in how the media is breaking the EU ruling.

Opportunities in Business Model Innovation

Finding opportunities in change and exploiting them quickly are two different things and SpeedSynch facilitates the finding of core concepts and content which can be analyzed to determine opportunity and prepare a project or action plan.

Go-to-Market fast in 5 Steps

  1. Identify opportunity value concepts with SpeedSynch Resonance Maps — see High-SpeedSynch View above
  2. Search for companies or markets that are affected by the EU ruling
  3. Determine the assets needed to create value for companies or markets impacted by the EU ruling
  4. Acquire assets needed to create a new value proposition to help companies or markets adapt to the EU ruling
  5. Go-to-Market plan with distinct Product Launch Readiness and Content Launch Readiness metrics


Nick @SpeedSynch @Scenario_2

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