Own the Podium or Just Another Day

Baumann to take over Own the Podium#baumann+take+over+own+podium#baumann+take+over+own+podium#baumann+take+over+own+podium#baumann+take+over+own+podium#baumann+take+over+own+podium.

 Canada figures out that investments of $100,000,000 PLUS don’t mean much if everyone is doing the same thing and  Baumann will look in a focused way to ‘throw money’ at athletes with ‘high potentional’…  Why not take half of that money and let more kids play?  It may take more time and employ less expensive consultants but the kids will have fun and their families will have much more enjoyment.

The longer approach may not generate as much excitement as this olympic event but then again future events are not in Canada.


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