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Business and Brand Insight or Brand Intelligence are two different things yet share one common thing, stories.

Business Intelligence is a “by-product” or a result of events recorded by  transactional systems like ERP, CRM, QUALITY, etc… The events recorded are backward facing and if you want forward facing insight other methods must be used. Go to or to read about forward facing methods crafted by Pierre Wack and how he raised scenario techniques to a high art at SHELL OIL.

Brand Insight is generally considered and understanding of how brands perform relative to corporate objectives in competitive markets.  A clear picture of brand performance is possible if competitive brand performance can be inferred.  However brand intelligence is also based on backward facing measures and events or transactions that happened in the past.

How do we get to forward facing Brand Insight?

  • Understand competitor product stories.
  • Leverage Google Caffeine real-time algorithm
  • Align your stories and promotions across Social Media spaces to customer behavioural perspectives or NeuroPersonae.


Nick Trendov



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