Predictive Analytics, Mobile Devices & Content Flows

Predictive Analytic Overlays

The simple use of three simple overlays may help analysts tune measures and offer richer perspectives to clients.

  • Measure Content or Ad Flows
  • Understand Digital or Physical Interactions
  • Compare Behaviour or Persona changes

Overlaying the measures above, numbers or stories, allows us to understand when relationships between products, content and people change and adjust our offers, marketing or advertising accordingly and almost instantly.

How do you Know?

How do you know the overlays above work?  Consider the simple story of a woman walking past three cafe tables and at each of these tables sits someone who looks at her behaviour as she walks past.  Typically when the people compare notes it is as if the woman changed as she walks by the three tables yet in reality it is the measures of the people at each of the cafe tables that is inconsistant.


Now consider that from each of the cafe tables we measure the three overlay items above–Content/Ad flows, Digital/Physical interactions and Behaviour/Persona changes.  By using consistant measures, time and detail we are able to triangulate and understand how and when to tune offers and associated cost and risk in our business.

Speed in understanding change is the critical factor that this approach deliveres and consistancy and perspective is critical in using insight overlays for competitive advantage.

Ask us about creating insight overlays with useful perspecitves from your data.


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch @Scenario2

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