Yahoo! blows by Google!

Yahoo just acquired a small company to make Yahoo Mail an on-ramp to Flickr.

Seems too simple?  You decide!




Does Nortel have a future after all?

Nortel is compressing to its value core and in my opinion has brilliant potential to spring ahead of competitors.

How is this possible?

Nortel will focus on enhancing legacy systems with their patents to extend value to customers of legacy systems.  This will strip their competitors of future revenues.

Then Nortel will apply their research to enhance the value proposition of  new market competitors to fragment the market and increase their relative value position and market influence.

Watch for Nortel patents to be acquired by Search vendors!  Why?  Their success depends on bandwidth use.

We will see what happens in the next six months.


Does Nortel have a future after all?

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Find Diamonds in Search Engine Dump

Search vendors make money as fast as they can dump content into your browsers and you gladly pay or rather play.

Here is what it looks like:

Search Dump

How do you find DIAMONDS in this steaming DUMP?

  1. Map your objectives, success measures and resources available.
  2. Scan the DUMP.

Sound too simple?  Read this post.



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