winning a brand war

To win a brand war you have to have a brand with a focused value.

We assume you can either build your brand or spend a ton of money with consultants like Laura Ries who says;

Our Immutable Law of Expansion states that the power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope. When you expand a brand, you weaken a brand.

How do win a brand war?

  • Use a Story Lens to show the value of your brand and competing brand from a customer Persona perspective.
  • See how customers percieve value across the brand value continuum or Story Lens .
  • Focus on the Story Lens important to your customer Persona.
  • Promote you unique Story Lens  value to your prospective customers.

Remember, education kills.  It is easier to ‘switch’ an educated consumer with better value than educate a new one.




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