Google+ tunes SEO into the Power of Groups

Google comes out swinging to stem the movement of user eyeballs to Social Media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Skype with Google+ which tunes SEO and search into the power of Groups.

What is Google+?

For the past 20 years my custom has been to wait until people I know explore a new software platform to benefit from their expertise and provide context to how I might benefit by using the software.  While this may seem slow it is not as usually someone in my personal, professional or social networks jumps on a new ‘thing’ very quickly and this has saved me significant stress by avoiding platforms like Facebook and SEO by leveraging the skills of other people so that I can focus on more valuable activities in my life.

I’ve created the SpeedSynch summary and Resonance Maps below for the the business folks that have asked me about Google+ until I do more research.

For Google+, however, the company dove in with both feet, launching a multi-faceted service that brings a lot to the table with features like Circles, Hang Out, and Huddle.

The page is constructed around a familiar content stream populated with content from your friends” updates and posts — things like links, photos, and location updates…. The “Circles” feature comes into play in the stream, offering users the option of sending posted content to specified groups or making it public for all the world to see…

This means you can separate your work buddies from drinking buddies — or, “epic bros” as Google suggests categorizing them.

Plus” “Hangout” feature has its sights firmly set on Skype”s multi-user video chat…. Once the plug-in is installed, clicking the button will deliver a note to your followers” stream letting them know that you”re “hanging out.” Clicking the button triggers a Skype-like window with the faces of those you”re chatting with.

SpeedSynch Resonance Maps of Google+ Overview



Google+ seems a little different than other social platforms though I’m still waiting for the three global experts that I know to offer their opinions and more importantly how they can exploit Google+.

Seriously why would you use any software unless it serves you?


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch @Scenario2


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