RIM aims to Rule Social CRM and win the battle for your Eyeballs

It looks like RIM has a great chance at winning the Social CRM battle for your eyeballs–a battle that Apple doesn’t even know about, because of GIST, but can they trump both Yahoo and Google?

What is GIST?


Gist looks like a great competitor for Yahoo Pulse and no doubt will be confused by many people as a Social CRM application, indeed this is what Gist says, but don’t be confused, it is an aggregation space that allows users to switch perspectives between people, companies and content.

We are looking to Gist to take our Resonance Maps above and treat them like another content source.

Keep a close look at Gist and RIM as we believe they will be a formidable combination in the market which has left SEO behind in the dust and is moving from Social Media spaces to a Groups focus.

We believe Advertisers, Executives, Lawyers and Marketers will quickly learn to fear groups.


Nick Trendov @eDiscovery_ @ResonantView @SpeedSynch nick@scenario2.com @Groups_Groups


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