Learn from LinkedIn use of Twitter’s Mobile Content Delivery #IN Relationship Building

Nicole German, the marketing head for LinkedIn Canada is responsible for educating the Canadian marketplace about the value of connecting to the world’s largest professional network and she uses Twitter’s mobile platform to nurture her relationships.

Japan, Mobile Content and Advertisers

Mobile is the hot space for advertisers, content aggreagators and represents and opportunity and risk for your company.  Traditional software vendors like Adobe quickly shift their products to offer adertisers hope when traditional market models have imploded–

“…Advertisers face an ever-shifting media landscape. Traditional media are giving way to the emergence of new digital channels such as mobile devices and social networks. Customers have greater choice in where they go for their preferred brands, making it harder to keep audiences engaged. Successful advertising increasingly requires compelling content and greater focus on data and analytics than ever before….” —Adobe.com

In Japan mobile is the on-ramp of choice to access internet social media platforms and the content curation they provide–

“In Japan people want what they want, when and where they want it…mobile vs. pc access is running about 50-50…page view requests from mobile exceeded pc for the first time in 2010.”  Lars Cosh-Ishii Representative Director, Mobikyo

Relationships and Twitter Resonance Maps

The stories that flow along Nicole’s Twitter stream show very quickly what she feels is important to her current and future customers.

Content must be Accessible and Mobile

The content Tweeted by Nicole must be accessible and useful to build and nuture customer relationships and in our experience Twitter provides both because;

  • We see what is top of mind for Nicole with a Twitter, blog or other content Resonance Map illustrated above.
  • Twitter is content and people bridge accessible via a mobile phone and critical as people demand mobile content access

Content Curation vs Content Resonance

If you are Oprah you partner with Discovery Channel and curate content for millions of people, and they love it–but is this for you?  DIfferent jobs and social situations may require content to be curated from people that understand specific relationships between people place and time, something that Oprah would never know.  In this case ‘Content Resonance’ is a great option.

Content resonance applied to predictive behaviours or commercial content curation provide an overview if resonance is new to you.

Join us to explore our group content creation and curation solutions that target Advertising and Legal E-Discovery projects.


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch nick@scenario2.com @eDiscovery_


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