Risk #IN E-Discovery

eDiscovery software and services vendors depend on Search marketing, SEO advertising and Social Media platforms to go to market though the same services are accessible to their competitors.  As one would expect easy access to services deemed important leads to consumers spending more money to ‘dominate’ their competitors and E-Discovery is no exception.


It appears that most eDiscovery vendors advertising efforts have mimicked the larger market in SEO spending where budgets must be constantly increased as SEO value is decreased by increasing spending by competitors.

SEO exposes E-Discovery vendors and their clients to greater Risk.




Better, Cooler and Faster E-Discovery

Taking Resonance focused E-Discovery software and services to market in 2011 has provided me the  great good fortune of access to skills and resources of clients that I have served globally, domestically or locally in many markets over the past 20 years. Their generosity has helped me develop and deliver a better, cooler and faster approach to eDiscovery and a faster means to the E-Discovery market.


This is what we have done so far



Nick Trendov @ResonantView @eDisocovery_


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