The Great Mobile Advertising Contest — Align People, Content and Products with Resonance

The Great Mobile Advertising Contest looks to show the opportunities to align People, Content and Products with Resonance.

Maximum Entries and Entry Deadline
This general contest is open to only ten contest entries and all entries must be submitted before end of day January 21, 2011. 

The Challenge
Contestants will use 100 to 300 words to describe their GREATEST challenge in reaching out to customers with their advertising.

Important–All submissions must be submitted via @SpeedSynch with a link to a blog post of 100 to 300 words. Do not submit here!

The Winner
The people that enter the contest will vote to select a second winner.
I will select an ‘honourable mention’ contest entry.

The Objective
The objective of this contest is to help mobile advertisers become aware of the opportunities available to them and how Resonance, employed by Twitter in their advertising revenue model, offers a unique advertising value.

SpeedSynch tools and services can quickly analyze advertising content by delivery channel so that it may be aligned to customer profiles and products.

We use Microsoft technology, Windows7, Excel, PowerPivot in combination with our semantic technologies.

Other Stuff
One entry per company please, individuals may enter on behalf of companies with their permission.  All contest entrants take full responsibility for any content submitted. The contest is not intended to conflict with Terms of Use or Laws in any jurisdiction and may be cancelled anytime without recourse.

Contest winners will receive the equivalent value of 20 hours of services time to be applied within 3 months with no guarantee of any results to how the analysis may be applied.  The contest prize will be deemed delivered once the 20 hours has been applied to the Resonance analysis of advertising content and contest winner customers.

Good luck!


Nick Trendov  @SpeedSynch

The Reward
We will apply SpeedSynch Resonance technology to help the contest winner tune advertising content to resonate with present or future customers.


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