Innovators #in Social Media

Marshall McLuhan knew that communities and networks have always been social and this is why his work is still valuable today and despite great technological innovation McLuhan was a Social Media guru 30 years before Facebook’s Social Graph. 

McLuhan’s unique skill was the ability to understand relationship patterns to find future trends and their impact. 

Two Great Storytelling Patterns

1.  Numbers and stories were once inter-changable in that specific numbers elicited specific stories, much like Excel reports today.

2.  Unique combinations of people, content and space or place cause stress for the Media as they insist on  ‘command and control’ delivery process like SEO rather than allowing people to create their own stories like Social Media sites–Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…

People, Content and Media

The SpeedSynch Resonance Maps help product managers find and map relationship patterns to help them align people, product and media in order to adjust advertising and promotion spending according to changing needs of people and media.

Tools are not Media

The Social Media platforms are software tools not Media and so people will use Social Media according to their immediate need and move to better tools as soon as they understand and benefit from the new value.  Value in SEO and associated search business models has declined considerably over the past few years for this reason and Facebook may face a similar fate, soon.


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch


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