SEO and Twitter Resonance Social Media Radar

Twitter Resonance Rules SEO

Twitter, one of the fasted growing global Social Media platforms uses the concept of Resonance to deliver unique value to their community members and a significant competitive and cost advantage to their corporate customers.

SEO and Resonance 

Resonance and Search Engine Optimization can be combined to boost the results of marketing and advertsing budgets and help your customers quickly find your products or answers to questions in your web sites by blending their core value elements to amplify the value that you get from SEO or Resonance individually.

SEO Value

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is based on the simple concept of keyword matching.  People type keywords into a search engine box and the search engine responds by delivering links or lacations of web site content accordingly.  Search engines are paid by people for taking them to the top of the queue of the results they offer of by placing ads that are visible to searchers. 

Using Search engines helps advertisers to focus their content according to searcher keyword preferences.

Resonance Value

People, content and products each have a natural resonance that changes over time and the simple challenge to marketers is to match the need or resonance of people to the value or resonance of products they sell in order to create the environment for a successful exchange of value or ‘sale’.  We use SpeedSynch tools and internet marketing software to measure and map Resonance to illustrate relationships of people, products and content used to help people find answers to questions or learn faster.

This SpeedSynch Resonance Map measures Resonance of a Sales Training web site where ‘listening’ is stressed and shows what you or a search engine spider might see when you ‘walk the site’

Predictive Marketing

There is significant value to accurately predicting opportunities or risk that we may face tomorrow and hopefully our approach to prediction goes beyond a guess based on what happened yesterday.

Resonance offers proven and simple rules to improve predictions by adjust customer offers so that they align or Resonate to your content or products based on their ‘top of mind’ interests.

Resonance and Social Radar

The military have an interesting notion of predictive forecasting based on radar which helps put the notion of predictive marketing and resonance in perspective–

“…For example, radar or sonar enable some degree of forecasting by tracking spatial and temporal patterns (e.g. they track and display how military objects or weather phenomena move in what clusters, in which direction(s) and at what speed.)  A user can thus project where and when objects will be in the future. Similarly, a social radar should enable us to forecast who will cluster with whom in a network, where, and when in what kinds of relationships….”   Exerpt from

Join us to explore how SpeedSynch Resonance Maps focus your advertising spend and speed up your ability to adjust to chaning customer needs and help you customers learn how to get the most from your products faster.


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch


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