Voyeurs #IN Social Media and the Myth of Social Media Listening

Social Media and Voyeurs

I once knew someone who said, “I wish I could see what was going on in all those houses and behind all those closed doors” and it seems that is what the software vendors that offer ‘Social Media Analytics or Insights’ wish for you too.

But will this ‘insight’ or being a voyeur really help you succeed?

Voyeurs and Value

Marketers and mathematicians tend to say yes as they believe that behaviours repeat and base their expenditures on sophisticated models and software applications on that premise, but lets look a little more closely at thie notion of basing future forecasts on backward facing analysis, titilating though it may be.

Knowing what is going on may be entertaining but will it help you understand what will happen tomorrow?

Value of Predictive Analytics

There is considerable value in being able to predict what may face tomorrow whether it is an opportunity or risk and there are many proven ways to get much closer to that goal than basing your prediction on what happened yesterday.

Here are 2 simple rules to improve the value of your Predictive Analytics by working with customers.

  • Adjust customer offer to Resonate or align your content or products based on their declaration of future interest
  • Incent or dis-incent customer behaviours according to their impact of future on profit, risk or infrastructure capacity

Predictive Resonance and Listening Rules


Predictive Analytics is a worthy goal and we have improved our results by using the concept of Resonance so as to enhance the insights based on what people say with our Resonance Maps of the relationships of People, Products and Content.

People, content and products each have a natural resonance that changes over time and the the responsibility of marketers is to match the need or resonance of people to the value or resonance of products they sell in order to create the environment for a successful exchange of value or ‘sale’.

We use our SpeedSynch tools to measure and map Resonance by looking at;

  • stories that describe the behaviours of people
  • stories that form content that helps people find and learn about products
  • stories that describe products and the value they deliver

The SpeedSynch Resonance Map below is based on the stories and value proposition found on a Sales Training web site where the concept of ‘listening’ is valued highly.  The Resonance Map provides a shortcut to what you would see if you ‘walked the site’ or navigation aid and what a search engine spider might infer from traversing the site.

You will note that not much ‘listening’ occurs as you or a search engine spider traverses the site and that ‘learning’ the value offered by the service provider is very awkward.  Indeed the two highest value elements of any web site, blog, Twitter or other Social Media platform interactions are;

  • Navigation or Wayfinding Value–how do people find the content or products that answer their questions
  • Fast Learning–can people learn about the value of the content or how to extract the value by using the products

Listening focuses on conversations and ignores values delivered by Wayfinding, Learning and the unique value created by understanding the relationships of People, Content and Products.

Join us to explore how Resonance Maps can boost the effectiveness of your Predictive Analytics and Listening efforts.


Nick Trendov www.SpeedSynch.com @SpeedSynch


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