Social Media ROI Rules Supply Chain Risk

Social Media is currently used as a Marketing tool and Social Media ROI perspectives are focused on marketing spend, however there is a significant opportunity that is being missed by this singular focus that ignores changes in business models, especially extended global supply chains.

Once upon a time most market, customer or product value was created inside a company and internal ROI was critical.  Today most value is inspired or created externally and a company then ‘focuses’ the value to its own customers or opportunistically.

Social Media Supply Chain Insights

Social Media has ‘hidden’ ROI that may be easily exploited by taking the Social Media insights and facing them backwards along a Supply Chain.  Insights crucial to understanding future profits as products flow along the Supply Chain include changes in;

  • Customer Demand
  • Customer Behaviours
  • Competitor Product features
  • Customer Content preferrences
  • Customer Media preferrence

While none of these changes are new, we now understand how the changes can be mapped using Resonance to determine how they impact the value of products as the reach their destination at the end of the Supply Chain.

Reduce Risk by Measuring Supply Chain Resonance

Benefits of focusing Social Media insights at the Supply Chain increase proportionately to its length or the time products to travel from one end to the other.

For more detail and see how Social Media Resonance reduces business Risk in your Global Supply Chain go to

Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch


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