Social Gaming and Marketing Rules #IN Movies

Social Gaming is red-hot and the innovative Zynga social gaming platform apparently has a ‘valuation’ greater than the iconic gaming supplier Electronic Arts, but who wins if and when Social Gaming manges to create unique for marketers?

Disney, Social Gaming and Promotion

Disney’s MegaMind animation movie is about to be released with a Zynga platform component though it will be hard to tell whether the movie promotes the Zynga Social Gaming platform or if Zynga is actually promoting the movie or both.

Social Gaming and Profit

Perhaps a more important question is ‘where is the profit’?  If indeed the Disney and Zynga relationship around MegaMind is a ‘swap’ where there is an exchange of value or cash then who will profit more people that usual don’t attend the movie or don’t play the game?  After all, why spend the money if Zynga doesn’t add to MegaMind revenues or why promote MegaMind if Zynga doesn’t get any more revenue from the experience?

Profit and Mind Share

Mind share may be the explanation around the pairing of MegaMind and Zynga, after all the movie business is brutally competitive and the audience can be very fickle.  Likewise in gaming, social or not.  On the other hand combining two great products doesn’t guarantee success and if the products are less than great it may guarantee quick failure.

MegaMind, Zynga and Resonance

The SpeedSynch Resonance Map below highlights the Resonance relationships of MegaMind and Zynga today.

Note the Resonance relationships betweent Zynga, Farmville, gaming, film, film characters and the other ‘key words’ highlight in the SpeedSynch Resonance Map themes and signature.  These words and phrases may be used for Search Engine Optimization or SEO because they ‘resonante’ or are a natural part of the press releases or other marketing content.

Resonance and Internet Marketing Software

The resonance of product or marketing material is used to influence search engine results pages or SERPS so that if anyone searches for the theme words then MegaMind or Zynga or both are offered to searchers as an ‘answer’ to the keyword phrases used in a search engine query.  Internet marketing depends on software to help searchers ‘find’ products and help marketers know what type of content ‘resonantes’ with customers across multiple media channels.  The SpeedSynch Resonance Map above is a simple example of how content resonates to product–here the MegaMind move and Zynga Social Gaming platform.

Internet Marketing and TransMedia Resonance

Internet Marketing is dominated by Search Engine Optimization programs or Social Media marketing, the first depends on content and backlinks posted far and wide across the internet and the latter depnds on understanding ‘Resonance’ of customers and products and delivering marketing content across media channels that resonate with customers.  The closer the resonance between products, here a movie, customers and media channels, the higher the probability of a successful outcome or product sale.

Contact us to see how SpeedSynch internet marketing software Resonance Maps help you align product, people and media.


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch


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