Resonance Rules #IN Business Conversations

Social Media software providers would like you to listen to and track all Social Media conversations which may not be appealling, possible or profitable if your budget and resources are stretched, though there may be a better way–Resonance.


Understanding Resonance helps you understand what is important to people and how close their ‘top of mind’ stories to the products that you offer without ‘listening’ to conversations.  The Resonance concept is simple, determine what people ‘of interest’ say or blog or Tweet about to determine if there is enough similarity or resonance between their need and your products or services.



In the two examples below the Resonance or ‘product sweet spot’ is the SpeedSynch Resonance Map technology that creates maps to help you identify mutual commercial or social opportunities.


Resonance, Advertising and Mutual Profit


Advertising takes products to people or people to products by using stories with ‘good resonance’ and if product stories fail to resonate according to people needs then either nothing happens or if a sale occurs then the buyer or the seller or both may be disappointed.  Stories that resonate with products and people are valuable as they convey an accurate depiction of the promise of value to be delivered when the product is acquired.

 Resonance in Advertising



This SpeedSynch Resonance Map links Resonance to Predictive Marketing–Social Media, Prediction Marketing Rules #IN BrentDPayne’s Resonance Map:



Resonance and Knowledge Management





This SpeedSynch Resonance Map shows the ‘top of mind’ Twitter stories of a SAP Knowledge Management guru.





Resonance and Marketing

Resonance Maps go beyond ‘listening’ to customer conversations to help you deliver content according ‘top of mind’ customer needs, present or future.  If your product stories don’t Resonate to current needs then they will be ignored and an opportunity missed.

Ask us how SpeedSynch Resonance Maps can help you find which products to sell to which customers and how Resonance can help you understand where to advertise to maximize your market opportunities.




Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch









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