Two Microsoft Acquisitions Guarantee Changes #IN Social Media

Microsoft executed two strategic acquisitions that will add tremendous value to their Xbox gaming platform and drastically change Social Media.

The Canesta and 3DV acquisitions add depth perception to digital cameras and more importantly it is expected that you will be able to interact with games or images with your whole body rather than with your finger tips by either typing or manipulating a mouse or track pad.

How will Microsoft Change Social Media?

People that go to blogs or Social Media platforms have a big problem called content navigation–it is too hard to find what you need, and the trust gained by going to social media instead of search engines is bogged down by limited user interfaces to help you find what you seek.

Adding body gestures and 3D interaction tags will allow Microsoft to push data to people even faster as they will be able to ‘sort it’ as quickly as needed.  From the perspective of people finding data, they will be able to dive into Social Media content pools and quickly determine where to go.

360 Content will Stress Social Media

Social Media platforms are already stressed out by the massive amounts of content created by their community members and the advertisers that covet their attention and Microsoft’s upcomming innovation will add more content faster.  The additional content is a challenge and opportunity for Social Media sites.

We address Social Media content navigation with our SpeedSynch Resonance Maps which take Products to People and People to Content according to specified goals and metrics.  The same approach is easily extended to accommodate the content expected from Microsofts two acquisitions.

Contact us to see how SpeedSynch Resonance Maps can help you today and prepare for the innovation that we know will happen tomorrow.


Nick Trendov @SpeedSynch



From the New York Times

Microsoft said on Friday that it was buying Canesta, a small Silicon Valley company that specializes in gesture-recognition technology.

Interest in this technology has surged because it lets people control computers and other devices through hand movements and other bodily gyrations, in similar fashion to the systems depicted in futuristic films like “Minority Report.” …Canesta makes chips that, when coupled with a digital camera, give all manner of devices a sense of depth perception for the world around them, letting them “see” in three dimensions…Last year, Microsoft acquired 3DV systems, a company with similar gesture recognition technology. That deal coupled with the Canesta purchase may prevent competitors from acquiring these 3-D abilities and cut off potential intellectual property squabbles. Canesta has secured 44 patents in this area and has more pending.


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