Social Media, Prediction Marketing Rules #IN BrentDPayne’s Resonance Map

  • Global sourcing and Social Media marketing helps most people find most products, fast.
  • Opportunities to increase sales of almost any product, regardless of competition, depend on fast learning
  • The concept behind Prediction Marketing is simple, use forward facing indicators to determine where customers are going.

    We do this by understanding ‘resonance’ or what is on the mind or people or corporations or organizations based on Social Media conversations and content.

    BrentDPayne’s Twitter Resonance Map

    I don’t know Brent D. Payne but here is his Twitter Resonance Map created with our SpeedSynch internet marketing software.

    I found Brent D. Payne’s Twitter site after looking at Market Sentinal UK firm that offers brand perception analysis.

    Market Sentinal’s Twitter and Web Site Resonance Maps

    Look at three SpeedSynch Resonance elements on Market Sentinal’s Resonace Map above to see similarities and differences;

    1. Twitter Resonance
    2. Web Site Resonance
    3. Content Resonance

    Twitter Resonance Changes Fastest

    There are two significant advantage of ‘watching’ or ‘listening’ to Social Media conversations on Twitter

    1. Tweets reflect ‘top of mind’ virutally instantly
    2. Tweets are very difficult to spam or influence or shape by marketers

    Resonance and Prediction Marketing

    The link between Resonance or what is ‘top of mind’ and Prediction Marketing is significant and may be a stronger indicator of future buying demand than Search Engine analysis because Tweets often contain the context of the question or highlight the value required by people who search for information or products.  We look to Persona Behaviours to indicate future buying behaviours and we build Persona quickly with SpeedSynch Resonance Maps.

    Prediction Marketing and Persona Behaviours

    Marketers have a hard time resisting the temptation of taking past sales and marketing analysis to guess at future buying behaviours of their customers because it is easy, the numbers can be found quickly from point-of-sales systems, sales reports and colourful analytics dashboard views.  Everything is clearer after one or two weeks but there is a question that historical data won’t answer–what will we sell tomorrow.  To determine a reasonable answer to this critical question it is important to find out what is happening with our customers or rather their ‘common behaviours’ today.   We help our customers do this by looking at Persona Behaviours.

    Understanding how customer behaviours are changing allows us to tune our customer demand models and adjust our market offers to incent or dis-incent behaviours by adjusting our advertising, pricing and Social Media conversations in a synchronized fashion.  Understanding customer Persona Behaviours also helps us synchronize our content across media channels and align our media spend according to the Persoan Behaviour trends that we find in Social Media and our other market information sources.

    Aligning BrentDPayne and Market Sentinal Resonance

    If we wanted to get Brent D. Payne to the Market Sentinal site we would have to adjust content somewhere on the Market Sentinal web site so that it resonates to what he needs and looking at Twitter gives us an indicator of how this may be done.  Sending the Market Sentinal ‘product’ to Brent D. Payne requires that the content be ‘pushed’ out via advertising or SEO in a fashion and in a channel where he would see it or be made aware of it indirectly, perhaps by members of the communities that he frequents.

    Learning Amplifies Resonance

    Now if we assume that Brent D. Payne has managed to get to the Market Sentinal web site or Market Sentinal product information was delivered to him then we have a significant opportunity.  The ability to convert prospective customers to paying customers requires the use of learning.  Both Brent D. Payne and Market Sentinal must quickly learn about the other and find the fastest way to deliver value according to the questions or answers that are ‘top of mind’.

    Indeed unless learning happens quickly then the resources expended to get Brent D. Payne to a web site and the time that he invests there is practially useless.  Learning is what amplifies the success of Resonance and learning is often overlooked when creating ‘landing pages’ or content that is delivered to people when they are attracted to web or Social media sites.

    SpeedSynch Resonance Maps and Fast Learning

     Contact us to see how SpeedSynch Resonance Maps get People to Products, Products to People and facilitate Fast Learning.




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