Twitter’s Resonance Rules Content, Trust and Relationship Value #IN

Success appears to grace fast learners able to assess their current state of affairs to determine how to focus resources, skills, time and attention to opportunities that Resonate to their brands and products. 

From a commercial perspective market and business success may depend on how quickly your customers learn and innovate and if you can help your customers do both faster, then you will also succeed.

Fast learning requires content to be delivered to people so that they understand how products help them work faster or get more value from their current effort.

Content and Success

Twitter is one of the few successful Social Media platforms where content, trust and relationships can be manged by community members very simply by following and Re-Tweeting.  The ability to access content is important to success and even more value may be created by finding the right content to speed up learning.

We help our clients learn fast by starting with 3 topics–

  • Customer Resonance — examine customer perspectives
  • Competitive Analysis — monitor how competitors change market offers
  • Capacity Analysis – assess how customer change impacts our capacity

Success, Social Media and Resonance

Success in business is most often confused with precision, formulas and plans though it appears that after you plan life, life just happens.  This is why the concept of risk reduction is important in the business world where a business may not survive if it goes one way and its customers go another.

Branding and advertising help reduce the business exposure to risk though both are one way models that sends stories to customers across media channels used and trusted less every day.

The loss of trust in traditional media sponsored by corporations or product sellers is evident in the rise of Social Media communities and comes at the expense of older media channels, corporate web sites and Search Engines that serve them.  Constant changes in the needs of people, commoditization of products and seemingly unlimited content available create a demand for faster learning and an imperative for business to adjust quickly to changing customer need.

Providing reliable content to customers so that they can quickly assess value of a new product or new way of working is one critical success factor that most business ignores.  This is how we help our clients help their customers;

·         Map the ‘Resonance’ of people, products and content across markets.

·         Shape stories from suppliers or competitors so customers learn faster.

·         Deliver stories across spaces and places used by customers.

Contact us to see how SpeedSynch Resonance Maps can help you understand how customer change impacts your business operations or investments in innovation, learning or infrastructure.


Nick Trendov @speedsynch


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