Social Media Marketing Rules and Service Level Agreements

Global marketers have a tough job, work harder with less resources to coordinate global marketing campaigns across Twitter and other Social Media platforms, must justify their return on investment or ROI from financial and marketing measures and best practices — so why don’t marketers marke use of Service Level Agreements for Social Media Marketing campaigns?

It is relatively simple to link marketing spend and media messaging to ROI by creating Marketing Service Level Agreements.



Marketing ROI and Service Level Agreements 



Consistant messaging across global Twitter, Social Media and TransMedia campaigns is critical to maximize marketing ROI and this is how we bridge the gap between ‘hard’ numbers demanded by ROI analysts and work done by advertisers.



Three Rules for Marketing Service Level Agreements 

  1. Identify Twitter, Social Media or TransMedia spaces to deliver Marketing
    Oursource or Insource Global Messages
  2. Set ‘Message Themes’ for Twitter, Social Media and TransMedia spaces.
  3. Reward advertisers achieving ‘Marketing Service Level Aggreements’.

Manage 1,000 International Bloggers 



None other than Sylvester Stallone shows us how he uses Twitter to catch up to and pass two formidable competitors, Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception and Angela Jolie in SaltStallone’s movie Expendables was due for release on the first weekend in August 2010 and had been beaten to market for the lucarative summer student crown by Angela Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The summer competition was about to get hotter.



Stallone and Twitter to Crush Competitors

 About three weeks before the release of Expendables I had begun an intensive research project around the use of Twitter by individuals and companies for communications and learning.  Quite by accident shortly after my research started we explored the value of Twitter’s ‘Trending’ metrics and noticed a name that I hadn’t seen in quite a long time–Sylvester Stallone.  It appeared that about a ‘billion Brasilian’ Tweets were expressing anger, surprise, shock or happiness about Stallone and the movie about to explode onto theatre screens, Expendables.  



Naturally after tthree weeks of mostly nightly cascading waves of Tweets from Brasil or Brazil, depending on your location, Sylvester Stallone in Expendables crept past Salt and exploded with a sonic boom as is overtook and crushed Inception. 



Stallone’s Twitter campaign had crushed Inception’s old school Google or SEO style promotional push. 



When I showed our semantic and numberical analysis to our clients they were dumbfounded.  From my perspective I had been enlightened to the value of Twitter’s Resonance Advertising Model ‘instantly’.



Here is what I saw at a high level.


  1. Brasilian Tweet ‘waves’ on Twitter shows hundreds or more people talking up Expendables, Stallone and Brasil or Brazil, depending on your location.
  2. Twitter’s Trend metrics show Sly, Stallone or Expendables climbing to number one night after night in Brasil.
  3. After reading and reviewing the Brasilian Twitter streams we found a number of common patterns around the Expendable ‘Tweets’.
  4. Our SpeedSynch Internet Marketing Software was pointed to a number of Expendable Twitter streams to create a SpeedSynch Resonance Map based on Semantic Algorithms.
  5. Twitter SpeedSynch Resonance Map — GRAPH and THEMES
  6. Twitter SpeedSynch Resonance Map — GRAPH detail and SIGNATURE
  7. Twitter SpeedSynch Resonance Maps — DiCaprio vs Stallone

Note the difference in ‘Themes’ or focus and ‘Signatures’ or messaging releationships between the DiCaprio and Stallone Twitter streams.


SpeedSynch 1,000 Bloggers


Once we know our client’s messaging focus we create a Marketing Service Level Agreement and SpeedSynch Resonance map to guide messaging themes.


Creating theme targets to provide to synchronize bloggers is critical and simple with our SpeedSynch Internet Marketing Software and this is how its done — 

  1. Choose the documents that represent your message ‘focus’.
  2. Provide SpeedSynch Resonance Map or Message Theme to guide the creation of Tweets or blog posts.
  3. Create a Service Level Agreement to aid bloggers in craft unique content according to the Marketing Service Level Agreement.


    Contact us to see how It is relatively simple to link marketing spend and media messaging to ROI by creating Marketing Service Level Agreements.

    Marketing Service Level Agreements focus your spend on specific ROI targets to add value and reduce risk for your marketing programs and corporate brand.



    Nick Trendov 


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