Involve and inform your customers and they will provide you with cash!

If content of financing projects is important to you then Peter’s content commentary is a must read!

In my reply to Peter I highlight how our SpeedSynch internet marketing software and techniques use the core of his three value elements to create profit for Marketers and SEO or search engine practitioners.

We would ber interested in your experience and comments on Peter’s approach and how we use it for marketing and to boost SEO results.

Here is the reply —

I enjoyed reading your content circle introduction very much and would suggest that you reverse it, from the inside to the outside;


As a storyteller or rather a story engineer I observed a long time ago that stories are modified each time they are heard and re-told. 

People take stories and add their own perspectives before passing them onwards, so that if you want the story to survive in a form that includes the ‘truth’ from the perspective of the original author then I would suggest that three elements;

1.  An attractor — CASH
2.  A secondary value — INFORM
3.  A core objective — INVOLVE

Without an attractor the story is not found or read.tin
A secondary value creates author-reader relationship.
The core objective follows from the relationship.

In CASH>INFORM>INVOLVE the last stage, INVOLVE, is the ‘financing’ element whether it involves purchasing a t-shirt or more substantial direct investment.

I look forward to following your business model innovation and provide these two ‘Tweets’ modest examples that illustrate why I suggest this reversal.

For those who might benefit from a practical example I will illustrate CASH, INFORM and INVOLVE within Twitter messaging and how I blend it with my blogs.

TWEET 1 @SpeedSynch
@speedsynch    #speedsynch #manga concept for top #SEO and drives #internet #marketing #software #tools #innovation #IN


TWEET 2 @SpeedSynch
Your Success Depends on Your Customers Learning Faster
2010/09/12 by

The CASH Code
In both ‘Tweets’ above the CASH leads,’manga concept for top SEO’ (profit) and ‘Your Sucess Depends on Your Customers Learning Faster’ (sales).

The SEO Code and CASH
Anyone involved in SEO or search engine optimization knows that one of the ‘hottest profit spots’ in SEO is “internet marketing software” and would subliminally equate this phrase with CASH.

When there is chaos in alsmost any social or commercial situation it is the fast learners that succeed, those who can quickly assess the current state of affairs and determine where to focus their resources, skills, time and attention.  It is no secret that your success depends on your customers learning faster and if they succeed by learning faster, then you will succeed too.

Content value depends on alignment of purpose or ‘Resonance’ between reader and author, though in order for involvement to occur the reader must first find the content and then must find a value.  This is done with CASH and INFORM.

In the SEO context INVOLVE ultimately means, from the perspective of SpeedSynch internet marketing software or techniques that Marketers or their SEO suppliers understand the value of creating ‘resonance maps’ to be able to align their content to the objectvies of their customers.  Connecting people with content to SEO practictioners is pure profit or CASH.

Next I illustrate how SpeedSynch is one very quick, simple and effective way to create resonance maps using a technology that is critical to the future of SEO, semantic algorithms. See for Resonance examples.

Next I INFORM people about Google’s acquisition of Metaweb and the recent adjustment to the Google search interface that is called ‘INSTANT’.  Marketers and SEO practictioners would benefit by understanding how SEO profit (CASH) has been impacted by Google changes and how people interact with Social Media.

INVOLVE occurs once marketers and SEO practitioners see the patterns and hopefully determine the relative value of working with Resonance maps and the connection to SpeedSynch internet marketing software and techniques.

I hope that you will be rewarded by reaching this point in this somewhat long commentary.  Hopefully you were moved from CASH to INFORM to INVOLVE from the beginning to this point and for those who made it this far a bonus.

Broken Telephone
There is a party game that children play that I know as ‘broken telephone’ which is played in this fashion.  A group of children from a circle and a short story of two or three sentences written on a peice of paper is read by two people in the circle.  One of the two turns to their left and whispers the story into the person beside them.  The other turns to their right and does the same.  Both people who heard the story then turn to the next person beside them and whisper what they heard into the ear of the next person in the circle and eventually the stories ‘cross’ and when they arrive back at the people that started the game they are written down.

Naturally the stories at the end of the game are quite different from the single story that started the game.  The game starts with one story and ends with three.

Broken Telephone and TransMedia
SpeedSynch allows us to architect a story so that it can go around the circle and return as two ‘new’ stories, but the new stories will have the same ‘semantic meaning’ as the original story.  Essentially the core of the starting story will remain intact regardless of the distortions that occurred as it moved between people.

Our SpeedSynch internet marketing software and internet marketing techniques may be applied to deal with the broken telephone syndrome that naturally afflicts any TransMedia project.

Nick Trendov @speedsynch


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