EU Cultural Investment will bite Google.

The European Union has amazing assets of people and cultures with long histories and recent EU investments in culture will bite Google as their business model depends on content generated by corporations which are culture poor and consumed by people who prefer to be culture rich.

Indeed culture is at the root of the quick rise in Social Media and quick demise of Google’s monopoly over search as since late 2008 or early 2009 over half of searches begin in Social Media software platforms.  What this means is that even if Google controls about 75% of the search market it is really about 35% of searches, and this number is shrinking daily because people don’t want text spam that is inherent in SEO or search engine business models, but prefer to enrich their lives with culture.

The article below is a simple and direct connection between the cultural richness of the EU and their decision to invest in manifesting the culture in multiple digital forms to expose it globally.

Now who would you bet on?

An American corporation who makes money on text or the EU with thousands of years of culture across a geography of countries that are diverse, articulate and inclusive?

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Comment on EU Green Paper on cultural and creative industries

My Commentary on the EU Cultural Investment and how it will bite Google

Google is about to get run over by Twitter and you will never guess who leads the charge — Sylvester Stallone!

The blog post shows a SpeedSynch Resonance map which is significant as resonance is at the core of Twitter’s advertising model.

Storytellers should take note that the resonance of the author, Stallone, must be close enough to stimulate a response in the reader, the movie audience.  In the story of Stallone’s EXPENDABLES movie battleing with DiCaprio’s INCEPTION we find that millions of Brasilian ‘Tweets’ turned the tide to the benefit of Stallone.

He managed to INVOLVE, INFORM and receive CASH as a result of his Twitter marketing campaign which defeated the traditional SEO campaign waged by DiCaprio’s marketers.  The equivalent of Blitzkrieg vs the Maginot Line.

Stallone did this by providing CASH to Brasilian ‘Tweeters’, indirectly as their Tweets contained their own stories, to INFORM the global movie audience that there was an entertaining alternative to DiCaprio’s intellectual movie and INVOLVE the movie going audience with a #transmedia experience.

I show SpeedSynch resonance maps of Stallone’s approach has been quickly adopted in a Canadian movie to achieve quick worldwied attention that any transmedia project would covet — Scott Pilgrim vs the Universe

Nick Trendov


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