Two market mega-trends will shape the future of your SEO ROI–

Two market mega-trends will shape the future of your SEO ROI–

  • Twitter’s Resonance Advertising model
  • Googles move towards Semantic SEO

Twitter Resonance
Early in 2009 over half of searches started in Social Media platforms like Facebook and WordPress social media islands where people create and consume their own content. Twitter benefits from this market trend as content posted on Twitter may contain content in addition to backlinks used by search engines to determine rank order of content displayed to searchers.Early in 2010 Twitter introduced a Resonance advertising model, the longer a Tweet is heard and the further it goes into and across different Twitter communities, the more they charge advertisers. Twitter has no need to use algorithms to determine rank and avoid content spammers that today dominate the Google Search Engine Results Page or SERP rankings and advertisers don’t pay when people ‘read’ ads or click on links which is a behaviour totally disconnected to sales.

Google and Semantic SEO
Media buyers are asking search engine marketers harder questions as they assess internet marketing budgets. Corporate marketers ‘Google’ competitive brands and note that they rarely rank in the top three positions of a Google results page despite significant internet advertising spending and if the brands rank well there are plenty of competitive options available to searchers in either the organic search or the paid search sections of a SERP.

Why Semantic Search Matters
Search on or Google “Any words used in similar spaces share meaning.” Include the quotes in your search and you will be using the practical meaning for semantics to find examples of semantic meaning rather than a simple combination of words or keyword phrase used historically in search engine marketing or SEO.

Keyword Phrase Manipulation
Historically SEO marketers build as many backlinks as possible to websites across the internet to link their brand and product content to searches. Entrepreneurs decoded the ranking approach and started re-selling products, better than the manufacturers themselves. The internet promise hasn’t worked as planned for business.

Google’s purchase of Metaweb will create the semantic algorithms which I expect will be used to ‘shake’ SEO entrepreneurs out of top SERP rankings. Google appears to be gently nudging the SEO entrepreneurs to craft video websites. Watch out old Media corporations!

It appears that internet marketing programs that can measure, analyze and exploit the trends created by Twitter’s Resonance and Google’s Semantic trends will do well. Cheers,
Nick Trendov


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