Global M&A dramatically changes Social Media and Web ROI Measures

Global M&A dramatically changes Social Media and Web ROI Measures

Global Mergers and acquisitions continue to impact the Social Media and Web space and offer great ROI opportunities to marketing professionals and the customers they serve.

Adobe’s acquisition of DAY Software provides Adobe’s customers the ability to create more content to support their global internet and social media marketing campaigns.  This is the birth of the content creation factory on a global scale.

Content is king and more content is critcal to get web sites noticed by over worked search engine spiders as Social Media blogs now easily over power the miniscule amounts of content on corporate web sites.

The commentary around the Adobe acquisition of DAY is a clear indication that content has regained the limelight from the search engines thanks to social media sites like Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIN.

Here is what I found…

1. Contstantly changing local markets have astounding demand for unique content
2. New content demands are complicated by regional language and cultural distinctions

And here are my notes on a much longer press release that outlines the DAY partnership with

Seamless integration makes it easier for marketers to support global growth by delivering targeted campaign web sites to support entering new international markets.

Driving brand awareness and sales in new geographies requires tailoring content, web sites
and campaigns to local markets.

Internet focused business requires unique marketing content, campaign sites and promotions adapted quickly to meet constantly changing regional and linguistic needs.

To understand the  hidden story of the Adobe acquisition of DAY software think back to Adobe’s acquisition of OMNITURE.

Offering new content creation and measurement tools appears to be a way for Adobe to avoid competitive pressure where;

  • Web site interactions must be measured–virtually impossible with Flash
  • Content must be changed to meet new customer needs–Web Trends and Google dominate
  • New content management competitors enter the market daily

It appears that Adobe has created unique value with this acquisition though it is unclear how their many competitors and customers will respond to the fast changing pace in the internet marketing and content space.

One thing is apparent, global brand wars will mean that more content will be created by tools from fewer suppliers and the battle between bloggers and corporate content generation factories is about to ramp up even faster to accomodate a global perspective.



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