Viral Internet Marketing and Competitive SEO Analysis Maps

Luck, Viral Marketing and Internet Software

Luck comes in pairs for me and this was the case today when I was alerted to the stunning B2B viral marketing blueprint below on Twitter as I was posting my SEO SpeedSynch analysis of the highly innovative Old Spice internet marketing campaign.  

I heard the Twitter chirps on my Blackberry just as I posted Old Spice, New Marketing where I had written about how SEO warriors stand between manufacturers or their partners and the likes of Google, Amazon and Ebay.  This is what I found when I looked at Twitter;

tamar  a great bulletproof SEO strategy by my man @viperchill

The SEO techniques at Viper Chill Viral Marketing illustrate clearly and in considerable detail the method used by Old Spice where they made a video of how they made a commercial so that both the ‘how to’ video and the commercial could be promoted as unique and complementary content.

Synchronicity as the Viral Marketing B2B strategy mirrors our SpeedSynch go to market need.

 Internet Marketing is a Blood Sport

Read this post carefully as the new marketing affects my business and yours too.

If you Google, BING or Yahoo “speedsynch” you will find my sites and blog posts and also a few other sites that have added variants of speedsynch or to their web site content in order to boost their SERP or search engine results page rankings. 

Every business including yours has to compete and understanding why sites use your keyword themes will help you improve significantly and once you understand the need to support keywords with high quality conent you will be able to adjust and benefit more with less effort.  Look at the Old Spice analysis I happened to make before this post and see how and why its done.

The Old Spice and Viper Chill internet marketing approach helps us understand how to get more by working less.  Sounds simple and it is.  Old Spice and Viper Chill both create unique content as they craft their internet marketing and advertising campaigns and this is how they do it.

  • Make Old Spice Commercial or Viper Chill blog
  • Make a Commercial about making the Commercial or blog about what you do–no secrets
  • Cross promote the commercial or blog and how-to commercial or blog to create buzz

Both Old Spice and Viper Chill have applied the proven SEO techniques and documented the process much like creating a video about the making of a commercial and then promoting both the commercial and the ‘making of the video’ as unique and complementary content assets.

Content Quality and Viral Marketing

In the old days, before June of this year, it was possible to create very small micro sites and rank in the top ten of the Google SERP or search engine results page for the keywords which were your focus.  Today content quality combines with the old school backlinks and the usual tips and tricks to create a valuable new currency.  Google’s Caffeine algorithm now appears to be shaking out folks that don’t add value to searchers.  Creating high value content is now an imperative rather than an option.

For me this viral marketing article is timely and I am happy to say that it is a better check list than we had prepared and I will put it to good use as we go to market with our SpeedSynch internet marketing software.

 Short and Long Term Traffic Objectives

To succeed with SEO traffic you must have both short term and long term traffic objectives and our goals are ambitous as there are thousands of internet marketing software tools on the market today so we are challenged even though our SpeedSynch internet marketing software creates unique B2B or business to business value unlike the B2C or consumer focus of most of the tools sold today.  With this in mind we have selected two long term keywords, some would say very long term, internet marketing and short term keyword targets, internet marketing software.  My friends who have their own sites will have their stomachs in knots when they read this but everyone will find out anyway as I have learned by watching the sites that keyword stuff to exploit content investments today. 

Our Not-so-Secret Business Model

I suggest going back and forth from this blog post and the viral marketing blog post above and you will quickly learn both of our secrest.  The site layout offered in the viral marketing blog post exploits how searchers enter keyword themes into search engines and SpeedSynch helps you understand why people enter the keywords and how they will change over time. 

Knowing how customers may change is my specialty and easy once you’ve done it a couple of times–it’s an open secret I have taught at the University of Toronto for over five years.  We let people tell us the keywords that mirror their perspectives and help them declare what is valuable to them when they visit our site rather than forcing them to through millions of Google answers or offering everybody the same products. 

It is the combination of push delivered by the virtual marketing approach and the pull provided by keywords uncovered by SpeedSynch analysis that help us mirror the needs of site visitors and then we can align products, content and search engines to the people that employ to solve a problem or answer a question.

Different people perspectives help us create a self-adjusting mechanism with keyword themes found on blogs, conversations and stories.  Then we take the keywords important to the people that visit our sites and use the to focus our short term and long term keyword traffic targets.

The SpeedSynch process below was used to create the keyword theme map below and if it helps I can map this or any of your other web or social media sites including Twitter.

 New Internet Tools Spice Up Viral Marketing

  • 0. Blackberry Twitter alert uncovers viral marketing buzz
  • 1. Check viral marketing buzz on Google, BING and Yahoo
  • 2. Go to my Twitter account to assess quality of Tweet
  • 3. Visit viral marketing site referenced in Tweet
  • 4. Go to blog post in Tweet
  • 5. Use SpeedSynch to create blog keyword theme relationship maps
  • 6. Assess SpeedSynch SEO competitive analysis maps of keywords
  • 7. Review SpeedSynch keyword weights for SEO competitive analysis
  • 8. Review SpeedSynch keyword hierarchies for SEO competitive analysis

Competitive SEO Analysis with SpeedSynch Internet Marketing Tools

Viral Marketing by Viper Chill and SpeedSynch Internet Marketing SEO Competitive Analysis map

How to Manual for creating competitive Viral Marketing sites with self adjusting SpeedSynch SEO competitive analysis maps

SpeedSynch for You

We are looking for SpeedSynch re-sellers and research partners that understand swarm branding techniques.

Questions about the approach and suggestions are most welcome.




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