Old Spice’s New Internet Marketing

Old Spice and New Marketing
Old Spice’s new marketing shows why Social Media is quietly erroding the power of Google and the importance of understanding the impact of waves of furious buzz to the success of internet marketing and advertising campaigns.  While this way of marketing is new to Old Spice it is old hat to SEO warriors that stand between manufacturers or their distribution partners and internet marketing and advertising giants like Google, Amazon and Ebay.  These entrepreneurs are sometimes named as affiliate marketers by Amazon and Ebay though Google’s view may be a little less possitive.
Read this post carefully as the new marketing affects my business and yours too.

Google, BING or Yahoo “speedsynch” and you will find my sites and posts and a few other sites that have variants on speedsynch or speedsynch.com in order to boost their standings in the SERP or search engine results page.  Every business including yours has to compete and understanding why sites use your keyword themes will help you improve significantly.  Looking at Old Spice also helps us understand the value of keywords and why other sites try to benefit from our investments.  Once you understand why this happens you will be able to adjust and benefit even more with less effort.  Let’s look at Old Spice and see how this is done.

  • Make Old Spice Commercial
  • Make a Commercial about making the Commercial
  • Cross promote both to create waves of furious buzz

Old Spice’s new internet marketing approach helps us understand how we can get more by working less.  Sounds simple and it is as Old Spice creates unique content as the create their internet marketing and advertising campaigns and this is how they do it.

Old Spice has applied the proven SEO techniques and documented the process much like creating a video about the making of a commercial and then promoting both the commercial and the ‘making of the vidoe’ as unique and complementary content assets.

Internet Marketing Content and SEO

The folks at Old Spice now have an opportunity to take their new content assets and create wayfinding and additional SEO value by;

  • Optimizing their all text, audio and video content for search engine visibility
  • Use Social Media to build furious buzz waves, each bigger than the last one.
  • ·Position SEO keyword themes away from competitors

Many internet marketing software tools that can help your SEO campaign and many of them are free to use for a demonstration period or simply provided at no cost.  Google “SEO keyword tools” and you will find WordStream among others like Market Samurai.  BING and Yahoo provide other tools which we combine to our SpeedSynch tools to create B2B or business to business perspective maps unlike most of the B2C or consumer SEO internet marketing tools.

New Internet Tools Spice Up Marketing

The SpeedSynch analysis below shows the competitive analysis process we used as soon as we identified the Old Spice furious buzz waves being unleased.

  • 0. Blackberry Twitter alert discovers Old Spice video buzz
  • 1. Check Old Spice on Google, BING and Yahoo
  • 2. Go to my Twitter account to find one of the buzz wave tweets
  • 3. Find old school media advertising site with Old Spice PR content
  • 4. Go to marketing site to review Old Spice analysis
  • 5. Use SpeedSynch to create Keyword Theme relationship maps
  • 6. Assess SpeedSynch SEO competitive analysis maps of keywords
  • 7. Review SpeedSynch keyword weights for SEO competitive analysis
  • 8. Review SpeedSynch keyword hierarchies for SEO competitive analysis

Competitive SEO Analysis with SpeedSynch Internet Marketing Tools

Internet Marketing Innovation by Old Spice

Old Spice takes a new turn for their Internet Marketing Programs -- maps by SpeedSynch Internet Marketing Software

SpeedSynch for You

We are looking for SpeedSynch re-sellers and research partners that understand swarm branding techniques.

Contact us to find out more.





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