SALT, a Russian and new SEO.


The connection between the movie industry and internet became a little more obvious today when I typed ‘SALT’ into Google and then BING and Yahoo.  Naturally Wikipedia had salt, the real salt, high on Google, Bing and Yahoo but if you look closely you will see Angela Jolie’s movie SALT appear to be number one on the search engine result pages.  While it is obvious that Hollywood stands to make considerable profits with this movie, a cross between McGyver and Mission Impossible, is it possible for the rest of us to ride the wave of publicity, paid and otherwise that is sweeping worldwide?


Over the last seven years we’ve carefully watched technology related to mapping words whether you call it taxonomy, ontology, concept mapping or mind mapping.  Our objective has been to understand how to map stories and their relationships and while we did our research and testing a funny thing happened, social media displaced traditional web sites as the trusted information source and Amazon and Ebay figured out how to use affiliate marketing better than Avon and other network marketing companies.  Indeed Amazon’s main business is words and it is one of the few corporations that can give Google a beating when it comes to influence across the commercial internet.


Hollywood as big and powerful as it is relies on old school relationships in its business models and in order to ‘push’ its products.  Angela Jolie’s SALT is a beneficiary and victim of the old school advertising, promotion and direct advertising model which increases the cost of the movie tickets that you and I pay when we go to the theatres.  Amazon on the other hand doesn’t advertise and let’s its affiliates promote the products that it sells.  Amazon affiliates deliver free internet marketing.


It is possible to add salt to your blogs and web pages if it is done to complement your domaine name or the content on your site.  Here it doesn’t add to the influence of my blog but the map below shows the keyword themes in the description of the movie.  Once we understand the keyword themes in SALT then we create a blog entry tightly linked to the content keyword themes in our blog.

The idea is simple, keywords entered into the search engines will lift anything with SALT a little high in the search engine results page or SERP if one or more words are entered are connected to your site or blog.  If this seems silly you should realize that there are millions of dollars spent to buy internet marketing software that does this very thing.  Of course there are certain ways to do things supposedly better than others and each vendor has their own tricks and proven stories.  Have a look at the map below:

S5 SpeedSynch map of keyword themes in Angela Jolie movie SALT

SALT with Angela Jolie uses themes that can lift your SEO value

Now how do we work Russian into this blog post?

Russians are experts in producing and researching salt.  They also happen to be very good in the taxonomy of language which is one of the key technological elements of the SpeedSynch solution that created the map above.  You can study the Russian knowledge of taxonomy and mapping to benefit your SEO investments or SpeedSynch.


New SEO is self-adjusting SEO where changes in ‘buzz’ or new product promotions, like SALT, or new customer behaviours force us to change the way we tell our story in order for it to be found and acted upon.

Go to @speedsynch if you in business or @transMediaSEO if you are an artistic type to view the new SEO and how it can help you.




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