Faster ROI and Learning

Learning in brutally competitive markets is the difference between spectacular success and grinding failure and here we look at two aspects of learning, a single project and an enterprise wide human capital management perspective.

Learning powers Innovation, aligns your products to changing customer needs and a simple disciplined approach to learning drives profits for small companies and international corporations.

I’ve reviewed about a dozen articles, half suggested by my friend Tony Hunt who knows learning, and then explored Dr. Jac Fitz-enz’s HCM web site.  I did some project work for Dr. Jac in 1993 before he sold the Saratoga Institute and his focus on Human Capital Management adds a broader vision to learning.

Let’s start with the small or learning and then move to Dr. Jac’s big picture.


There are many definitions of learning and I offer one more to keep in mind as you review the opportunity and ROI check list below;  learning as perspective.  Managers adjust products according to changing customer needs and essentially success in aligning to changing customer needs requires a perspective change first and customer perspectives help us measure and determine how to change.  Once we know where we are going, learning is easy.

“What difference does learning make?” 

  • Articulate and create agreement on the value of solving a specific problem
  • Determine which skills matter and learning performance objectives based on tangible values for skills taught
  • Focus on the work that benefits from the learning, not the training
  • Determine people obstacles, major skill gaps and learning deficiencies
  • Estimate the ROI of achieving the learning outcomes

While specific success measures and ROI targets are expected in the project approval process, the stories that bridge the investments to benefits and people bring your proposal to life and inspire as you move forward.


Dr. Jac Fitz-enz is an innovator and thought leader and his latest and perhaps most innovative contribution is focused on Human Capital Management.  Dr. Jac offers a clear, simple and proven way to strategically measure, manage and successfully deploy the most valuable business asset you have–people.  Indeed HCM, in my view, represents a  tipping point in value creation.

We use SpeedSynch intenet marketing software to map Dr. Jac’s Predictive Management paper, it’s worth the read;

Predictive Management by Dr Jac Fitz Enz with SpeedSynch map for Social Media Marketing

Learning and ROI with Dr Jac Fitz Enz HCM21 model and SpeedSynch map for Social Media Marketing



Precision may get a project approval but perspectives find hidden value in learning.


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