WordPress, DIGG, LinkedIN, Twitter are Software Tools

WordPress, DIGG, LinkedIN and Twitter are software tools.  http://tinyurl.com/tast1

This is a look at how content flows from LinkedIN to WordPress to Twitter and back again so that unique value is created by adding network and content value with common tools, without fees.

While I working today I enjoyed a conversation with an old friend when I realized that social media is starting to warp perceptions.  He  and possibly many others seem to believe that LinkedIN, DIGG and Twitter are meeting places or communities.  Let me assure you that they are not.  They are hunks of software code that resides in a desert of silicon.  That is all.

Whis is this distinction important?

Tools are used innovatively by the same people who go to communities like going to a place of worship or sheep to a pen and thereby miss a great opportunity to unlock value from what they know and by just being a person rather than a piece of software.

Now we unlock the combined value of content and networks by treating LinkedIN, DIGG and WordPress as Twitter software tools.

  1. Find useful Content in Twitter
  2. Add more value by providing additional perspectives or references or contnet
  3. Alert people that would find the core value combined value useful–note the ‘alert’ offers additional value to DIGG content

How do you know the content is valuable?

The SpeedSynch map below outlines the content value and we’ve done the same with web sites and social media spaces.





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