TransMedia for SEO Professionals

TransMedia is a new label for a very old art, storytelling.  To be fair today we can spread a story over places, spaces, phones, theatres, events.  Stories can be delivers or be placed all over the place to be ‘found’ like finding Easter eggs in a yard game.  Indeed the tradition of using stories this way goes back thousands of years and when done well the story teller lets the ‘seeker’ create their own story to suit their own need.

Why is this new style of TransMedia storytelling important for SEO professionals?

Simply you will never know what is important to your current or future customers so we use stories to let them choose what suits their needs.  This is done by using the wayfinding value of stories.  Most SEO professionals know that keywords take customers to web pages and are skilled in their alignment of keywords and content to align products and customers.  The same is possible with stories or segments of stories and with the recent deployment of Google Caffeine understanding how stories across digital spaces, web sites and social media, as well as physical spaces is extremely important to your SEO success.




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