FAQ it LinkedIN, it is questions that drive sales, not answers.

Many sites copy Yahoo Answer sites in an effort to engage members and let the community determine what’s on their mind, almost like a constant survey.  I have noticed that SEO amateurs use these question forums to create back links which is not a bad thing IF their answers were of any value.

While answering a FAQ question on LinkedIN I realized that my experience of using QUESTIONS to drive sales provides a way to avoid ‘answer spam’.

Here is my answer which highlights the use of questions to drive sales:

1.  Start with answers delivered by the product that you wish to promote.
2.  Find 3 keywords per answer and use Google Caffeine to find questions.
3.  List questions that align your product to target Personae behaviours.

Essentially this is the same as a sophisticated SEO exercise.
Every product accelerates processes and enforces compliance.
Success depends on you picking the right balance between process acceleration or compliance and then choosing 3 keywords to match a customer behaviour.

Good luck.

Nick http://www.twitter.com/transMediaSEO www.speedsynch.com www.neuropersona.com


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