Better SEO on LinkedIN and Twitter

Transmedia is the technique of crafting a story and spreading it across many places and spaces so that it has to be ‘found’ in order to be understood.  This technique is counter-intuitive to non-artists or teachers yet very valuable as it permits the value seeker only to pick up the parts of a story that applies to them at a particular time, in a specific space or place or appropriate for specific people.  The ‘power’ is with the seeker not the teller. 

Indeed it is the ‘seeker’ that has a question and is looking for an answer or has an answer and is looking for a product to manifest it and this is the point in this story where SEO professionals step into the picture. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the simple act of finding keywords that attract the ‘attention’ of Search Engines so that the web pages on which the ‘magical’ keywords reside are displayed in a prominant position on a SERP or Search Engine Results Page…usually Google, Yahoo or BING.  I discussed how to use Googles Caffeine algorithm to help you get to the top of the SERP in previous posts and now we look at maps that can be used to combine Twitter and LinkedIN to deliver value stories in a TransMedia style. 

It started with a Twitter post from one of my Twitter personae that linked here that led me to the TransMedia storyboard map below which describes the combinations of elements that may be used to effectively deliver a transmedia story.  After looking at the storyboard look below it to the SpeedSynch map that I created of the post here and notice the links between the words and their relationships.  SEO professionals will notice words and keyword sets but it is important to note the similarity between the two maps.  

How is this done? — SpeedSynch Internet marketing software.

* Note the keyword sets important to SEO professionals and the keyword RELATIONSHIPS that match the TransMedia map above.  When you get good at transmedia storytelling you don’t have to create all of the content, indeed you don’t have to create any, but rather take ‘found’ content and align it to tell your story.  This is a low cost and effective way to get your story to customers or to get your customers to your products. 

* SELECT or click map below and expand image in your browser.

SpeedSynch keyword map of a TransMedia campaign explanation
A keyword map explaining TransMedia campaign elements created by SpeedSynch

SEO benefits significantly by using keywords in a way that ‘seekers’ or customer can pick them up according to their needs.  Keyword stuffing is unnecessary as is buying Google ads.  Transmedia storytelling allow you to spread keywords across multiple sites and align products and customers in new natural and practical ways.  

Better still is that Google’s Caffeine will help you use TransMediaSEO effectively and differentiate from all the folks that took one SEO course and have now hung up their shingle. 




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