Create the New Normal

Why adjust to “the new normal” when you can create it and Google helps you with the new Caffeine algorithm

The ‘normal’ for finding  and serving customers has moved from door knocking, to telephone calls to networking and now to social media.  Indeed we don’t do one of these things, we do them all as customers now have infinite choice of products and more importantly can define their problems and solutions or questions and answers in any way.  And they do much to amazement of marketers.

One of the simplest concepts of antiquity was in order to succeed you had to find a mentor who would show you the skills to succeed and this is possible today simply by looking at BING, Yahoo and Google.

By understanding how they respond to customer keywords entered into their search engines you understand what is in the customer’s mind or their new normal.  Align your product to their new normal to succeed.

How is this done?

Look at your products and understand the stories around them, which processes they accelerate and how they enforce process compliance when they are used.  Every product and service make something go faster or easier or ensures that for safefy or other reasons you do things a certain way.

If you products don’t reflect the new normal of your customers they should be changed or you should teach your customers how to use them according to the new normal.



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