Google CAFFEINE knows what’s in Customer’s Mind

What is in customers minds is a question or answer and sometimes both,  and in my experience ‘customers’ define or refine questions or answers to address specific objectives determined by their focused perspectives.

Once they find and refine their questions or answers then they need a way to evaluate products to match.  Indeed most of the time the ‘best answer’ is ignored as there is no simple way to find a product to deliver it.

Try this sequence;

1.  Engage by helping people define and refine their questions or answers.
2.  Offer simple navigation to product options to deliver answers.
3.  Offer simple measures comparing questions, answers and products.

Click or select map below. shows how to align questions or answers by focusing on web and social media sites.  The analysis is mashable is that it can be blended may ways.

Top Graph–Web site themes or stories
2nd Graph–Detailed web site relationships of stories
Theme Stacks–keywords from key website pages visited by customers
Twitter Graph+Theme–used to compare what company projects via Twitter compared to Web site

‘Customer Mind’ or Neuropersona
Take customer survey, blogs, comments, call center interactions or other and create a GRAPH and THEME stack.  Compare it ot the GRAPH and THEME stack on the company web site and Social Media spaces, including LinkedIN.

The resulting analysis shows the alignment of content to what’s in the customer mind so that you know who and where to adjust.

The Theme stack tells you where to focus for SEO and PPC.

Decoding Google Caffeine
1. Pick the top Theme words from above and enter into Microsoft’s AdCenter or Googles Adwords tool.
2. Take same words and enter into Yahoo, BING or Google to identify top 10 URLs important to getting into the customer’s mide or THEME stack.
3. Determine the keywords ABOVE your THEME stack according to Google, BING or Yahoo.  Here you build a LADDER of keywords and your THEME words are usually somewhere in the middle.

What is the LADDER?

The ladder is what Google Caffeine determines is important to the person entering the keywords into their browser window.  In other words anybody that enters the words on the top of the ladder will see URLs associated to the top rung first and other rungs later.

Google knows what is in your customers mind.
You need to optimize for any keywords above your keyword focus to ensure people find you.



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