Social Media Software, wired, tired or expired?

We used SpeedSynch TransMediaSEO to map the stories of Social Media software vendors Radian6 Hootsuite and Scout

Which Social Media software vendor is Wired, Tired or EXPIRED?

Three software companies want your money to tell you about social media trends and analysis. 

We used SpeedSynch TransMediaSEO to map the stories that they tell.  One looks like a brag sheet, the other displays sensitivity to customer needs and the other, well you decide.

Can you guess which one is which?




2 Responses to Social Media Software, wired, tired or expired?

  1. nick trendov says:

    This is a response to a Tim O’Reilley’s re-tweet of this article

    Is Apple really fighting Google for internet freedom?

    Apple’s apps are beyond the web, they are a conversation about the process most comfortable to the buyer. Apple charges a toll or tax to people to enter the conversation and makes iPhone, iPod and now iPad users search for the right conversation themselves.

    This is DIY Search and a cheap replacement (for Apple) for the Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Apples customers do the work and Apple sends them the bill or rather gets them to pre-pay.

    Google on the other hand appears to have introduced an internet Toll tax by matching search window questions or answers to their paid advertisers first and then to the ‘free’ search results or ‘organic SEO’ results label favoured by SEO professionals who get paid big dollars and guarantee nothing.

    How is Google’s new Caffeine centric business model a tax? We all trade truth for convenience.

    No one owns the web the just focus the sheep towards the shearing shed on their land. Start with the simple premise that every url points you to a place that will extract money or time from you, your family or community.

    How you can benefit from the exchange is up to you.


  2. Bill says:

    This looks like the clue for the google mayday update.

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