Why the SEO Bubble will hurt you.

The SEO Bubble is about to Burst.
Social Media makes ‘organic’ search and pay-per-click business models redundant as people that interact with social media sites don’t visit branded commuities but rather follow branded conversations.

Conversations have replaced websites when it comes to trust. Even if a website is visited first invariably buyers move on to a social media site to engage in or listen to conversations to help them define and refine questions or answers needed to find and refine product choices.

What does this have to do with SEO?
In the old days, ok yesterday, if someone found ‘good information’ or a ‘great product’ they would buy or at least browse. Now they go elsewhere to validate their decision or confirm the information received to reduce their risk.

Measures are Critical
By changing their purchase patterns customers break the connection between a purchase, decision and information gathering and sellers can’t measure their success or adjust their processes or predict with any certainty how they might deliver higher value to their customers. Today they are blind.

Software is Broken
Software is created to accelerate or measure specific processes precisely. Social Media is a big problem for old school software makers who apply their ERP era software assets to measure web interactions and re-tread them again to measure social media interactions. Visitors don’t move from one to the other, now they spread their conversations and interactions across all of them.

The storytellers call this Transmedia storytelling and parts of the story or conversation are revealed in different spaces and places. The software that only measures one place or can’t combine conversation snippets across many places or spaces is worse than useless. It is misleading.

Mis-Aligned Measures Mean Disaster
During recent Tsunami’s the ocean tides receeded very far causing awe in the tourists who walked out into the dry ocean floor. The locals ran into the hills and only when the Tsunami wave rolled in did the tourists understand that their measures were mis-aligned with reality.

Pimp that Domain
Currently many SEO ‘experts’ make a good living by finding how search engine visitors ask questions and then strive to build content so that the search engines will take the questioner to their sites where they hope the visitor will buy something from Amazon and provide them profit from heaven as they step deftly between buyer and seller.

If this sounds like buying a house, slapping on a coat of paint and selling it, well it is close.

Financial Crisis caused by Social Media
Social Media allows people to avoid this whole process by skipping from conversation to conversation rather than domain to domain.

Where is the Pain? 
You and your customers rely on SEO and search engines just like the pension funds depending on overpriced assets to look good.  When the measures shift hard the Search Engines, like the big banks, have the resources to adapt and adjust.  On the other hand if the banks had the desire the financial crises would have happened.  On the other hand plenty of homes were built and eventually they will be occupied.  The SEO crisis is a little different, more like the tulip craze.  A search engine without traffic is useless and you don’t profit from a website that can’t be found.

Bye Bye Search Engine
Will search engines adapt to the large shift to Social Media and Transmedia storytelling?

NOPE. They like the Tsunami tourists are in awe of their profits.

Nick www.speedsynch.com www.transmediaSEO.com www.scenario2.com www.neuropersona.com


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