Adobe buys OMNITURE

‘SpeedSynch’ aligns Media to Customers and Product to Customers which is critical to success as Adobe’s acquisition of OMNITURE shows.

Adobe buys OMNITURE

Click here or the image above to read about  the impact of the Adobe-OMNITURE deal.

SpeedSynch and Content

Yesterday Adobe purchased OMNITURE to help their Customers buy more Adobe software and create new content faster to meet the need of ever changing Customer requirements.

Speed trumps Software

Can you analyze data without buying software?  Yes you can and it is useful to go beyond Web interactions as they represent a small slice are a small part of CRM or what it takes to establish and nurture customer relationships.

How do we Start?

While software vendors must convince you to buy their newest and latest tool, why not use existing software.  If your project or company is smaller use Excel and Access, if you have an IT department it is likely that you already have  SharePoint and SQL and that is a good enough to create insight across application and channel silos like CRM systems, Call Centres, ERP systems, Market Research sources, blogs—any and only the places that matter to you. 

Creativity and Consumption

Today media and portals try to create as little as possible to decrease their business cost which creates a huge problem when Customers need new Content to support change in their business or persona processes.

Today and Tomorrow

You know how many Products were purchased by Customers today and how those sales were supported by Media and Content, but do your systems or processes help adapt to Customer behaviour changes tomorrow?

While it is useful to know how many products were purchased today what helps you understand it is critical to look forward to what it will take to serve your customers tomorrow from multiple Product and Customer perspectives.

Nick Trendov


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