Adobe Speed Dating

Adobe is Speed Dating so that you create new Content to serve Web Visitors

Adobe has been on an acquisition frenzy and purchased OMNITURE today and Catalyst recently. 

Why is Adobe Desperate?

Web development cycles are too long and often get bogged down by IT budgets decimated by a three pronged fork: 

  1. Frightened executives who automatically slash budgets
  2. Too many new Vendor tools
  3. Business Model confusion

How does Adobe stay Relevant?

Adobe must justify their value to new customers and make its content platform a ‘must-have’.

Today stale or re-purposed content is good enough for shell shocked or distracted executives and tomorrow the customers who were being served well by that content may go elsewhere.  This is a non-trivial problem for Adobe as there are more links to re-cycled content.

The key for Adobe is creativity or the creation of new content and basically Adobe loses if new content doesn’t land on new web pages.. 

Competing on Analytics

Adobe’s purchase of OMNITURE today provides an ‘analytics’ story to help free up money from left-brained accountants and CXO’s who need a ‘cover-my-butt’ reason to spend. 

Bottom line–Adobe has a hairy lip, is a little over-weight and maybe very desperate.




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