Neuropersona Swarm Branding

Swarming is a phenomenon that Brand practictioners should watch carefully.

It is not buzz or geurilla marketing that dissipates but rather a series of behaviours embedded into participant’s DNA. How can you guide positive swarming to your brand?

Consider that a Neuropersona can be engineered since it is a mask that represents behaviours and stories.

Now do this:

  • Craft Neuropersona masks that serve your brand and customers simultaneously
  • Host and promote an event that resonates with behaviours and stories across Neuropersona masks
  • Make it attractive for attendees to bring guests or buzz to the event

While this is easier said than done focusing on serving behaviours of the Neuropersona masks is the key.

Don’t forget that one person can pick up any mask that is carefully crafted and it is unneccessary to find the perfect reason to invite them as they will pick it up and wear it themselved. This is DNA embedded in a Neuropersona mask, the same way that bees or ants have behaviours that cause them to swarm embedded in their DNA.

I have kept it general for two reasons;

  • Some people will think this is ‘mind control’
  • Other people will think this is lame or crazy or whatever

It is neither as people can pick up the Neuropersona mask at will and we don’t even have to choose. For people who believe it doesn’t work or is academically unsound, test it out this way.

  • Send two invitations to 10 people you know about two parties happening at the same time.
  • Describe them both in a similar way so that they would be equally interesting to each person invited.
  • Follow up with each person and when they ask you to help them decide describe one in a way that fits their usual behaviours and another that is slightly different.
  • See which they choose.

I use the number 10 to avoid random choice and expect that most if not all invitees to go to the event that fits their usual behaviours, assuming that they believe the two events are virtually identical.

But how do you get people to an event that is outside of their interests or behaviour patterns?

This is where careful crafting of Neuropersona masks come into play and where you describe the event in terms that overlap most of their behaviours but carefully add stories that help or serve their interests–meet people, learn something, relieve stress, explore new music, see an old favourite movie. 

It is the overlap of familiar behaviours with self-motivating stories combined into a Neuropersona mask left on the table with a few other masks that will let them pick one up, wear the associated Neuropersona mask DNA and SWARM.

This is a Brand Swarm using Neuropersona masks to serve people.




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