Brilliant Brand Failure

The most brilliant brand failure that I have seen is software makers who are failing because they have lost sight of who uses their product and why, and business intelligence software makers lead the pack, by a long way.

More and more resources are devoted by business intelligence software makers to provide value to executives who view their enterprises from the top of the mountain yet all of the work is performed in the different valleys or natural silos across the supply chains and demand chains to commercial and non-commercial enterprises.

Counter-intuitively, the more effort at creating value for less than 2% of the enterprise will create a natural myopia that is disconnected from creating and delivering new value which are needed to accomodate constantly changing customer and market demands.

While there is slow change with ‘collaborative’ systems, they are delivered in the same command and control perspective, too expensive and disconnected from the navigational systems that provide business intelligence.

The market pause in buying the larger systems is easy to understand and most interesting is in the revival to software which can be used simply and quickly at the top of the mountain and in the valleys of value–Excel.




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