Radio and Quantum Branding

A brand is a ‘mark’ made up of stories associated to a product or service and this post will start exploring the connection between Radio, Branding and the concept of Quantum Entanglement.

The Toyota IQ appears to be made to accomodate how people work, designed by people and not engineers.

Radio is everywhere and we should consider how it can be employed the same way as the Toyota IQ .

Quantum Entanglement happens when a product or service helps people so much they have to use it in many places.

While this appears like entrappment, soon competitors will copy the value and then choices occur and people can switch from one entanglement to another.  The really interesting thing is that when people decided to work differently or that the work is not helpful to them, all of the entanglements drop away.  There are many stories that explore this theme and the Emperors New Clothes or a much older version the Three Thieves are good to read.




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