Proximity Branding

Individual products, people, places and processes are the easiest to brand as there is an obvious physical connection.

The proximity brand or extending the brand to places or processes where a customer interacts with a product appears to present significant opportunities to marketers and here are two simple examples.

  1. Microsoft connects new product offerings to the brand value of Office and promotes the brand of new products in such a way that when customers consider new Microsoft products, usually in environments where Office is not used, then customers connect the value of office to the new product.  Microsoft SharePoint is an example of proximity branding and the Excel component of Office bridges the SharePoint brand to the Office brand.
  2. Honda has launched two new hybrid vehicles to compete with Toyota.  When I visited a Toyota dealerships to view the latest Toyota Prius model the salesperson attempted to add a ‘negative’ value by saying that the Honda models were new and untested.  Unfortunately the Honda Proximity Brand story is very strong and  Honda has reliable vehicles, even their rather new hybrids.  I own a 2005 Honda hybrid and may buy another.

Proximity Brand techniques will evolve, mature and is an area that will benefit greatly from innovation.




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