Past Rewards and Future Purchases

Past rewards do influence future purchase, but how?

In the past this type of behaviour has been called conditioning typified by the story of Pavlov’s dog though this is not that much different from looking for a Buy Button.

Academics attempt to determine why people do things and the brain and a random search has provided this telling story where the focus is… “how our decisions are influenced by previously obtained rewards’.  Sound like Pavlov?

While it is true that looking at a ‘problem’ or issue with modern technology and using unique measures can provide startling insight, the objective here appears to be the same.  Find the ‘Buy Button’.

My preference is to view the cup half-full and start with the idea that a person has choice and will determine what is best at any particular moment.  This is why marketers have to look for new reasons to charge clients.

Measure by looking at customers not models and use any tools useful.  Start here and look for others, anywhere.




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